A Canva Templates Designer, A Writer, A Performer

A Canva Templates Designer, A Writer, A Performer

Jerry Jerry
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While people are struggling to do one thing perfectly, Anastasia, a talented all-in-one individual, uses her creativity to make brilliant Canva template designs, write excellent books, and even perform a fire show on stage! Have you ever heard of a person with so many talents? She has been living in Kyrgyzstan for several years now and pursues her passion for art by creating a digital aesthetic products for her clients.

Anastasia has converted her childhood love for art into an amazing source of income, and she has been helping both small businesses as well as large companies with her digital products.

Although she lives a very busy life filled with so much enthusiasm for the things she loves to do, she was so kind to answer some of our questions and let her fans know more about her!

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How did you become a graphic artist?

It wasn't that I just started to love designing and art. I have been fond of it since my childhood and have always found myself as an extremely creative person. I have always loved to create beauty around me, and we all know that design can be an extremely important part of that, so I followed my passion for drawing. I studied design for a long time. I gained experience in the field, and that's when I started landing different clients. 

After a while, I found out that I could also sell my digital artwork and other goods on various trading platforms and marketplaces. This was also when I was introduced to Canva. Then I began designing my portfolio to show it to potential customers and businesses. I also became a content author on Canva and registered a store on Creative Market as well.

What inspires your art?

One can get inspiration from the faintest of things, but I usually find myself inspired by the works and designs of famous artists and designers. There’s something about their work that helps you unveil a whole new world of possibilities that you can use in your work to create a masterpiece.

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What do you love the most about your designs?

I love everything in my work. From subtleties to intricate details, there is a lot that goes into my work, but I can't single out one thing that I like the most. Each design has its own process that one has to go through to reach the final product, and this makes each digital product unique in its own way!

Who buys your art from Social Media Calendar?

My designs aren't limited to any one type of firm, so both small and large companies buy my digital products. I put a lot of focus on details in my work, and that's the reason why it's the aesthetics and sophisticated detailing that they appreciate the most. I try my best to create the best digital piece for my customers as they are the ones that help me earn through my passion.

Do you have any other jobs besides this one?

Although I love art and I love to create beautiful designs for my clients, I do have other another job as well. Art isn't the only way you can unleash your creative side. Writing is another way to do it! I do write books in my native language. Not only that, but I also work as an artist of the original genre and I also perform really well on stage in a fire show.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

I put in my all when it comes to creating these designs and I never refrain from working hard, so I see myself as a well-known and wealthy designer in five years.

What do you want to say to your fans?

I would like to thank all of my fans for loving my designs and digital products and appreciating my creativity. Thanks to this admiration, I find myself even more inclined to put in greater effort in making my designs better and more detailed.

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