Creating Art that Resonates with Cecille: Canva templates for bloggers and course creators

Creating Art that Resonates with Cecille: Canva templates for bloggers and course creators

Jerry Jerry
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Cecille Solmerano is a web and graphic designer by choice, a Nurse and Interior Designer by profession, and a mom to two adorable kids. She lives in a quiet and peaceful place in Laguna, Philippines.

In 2016, tired of commuting and her day job, she laid the foundation of her design business, which was soon to become a great success. In 2020, she was selected to become a “Canva Creator" and was given the opportunity to design for the platform. And In 2022, more than half a decade later, she was finally able to quit her high-paying job to devote herself to her passion: designing.

We recently sat down with Cecille to learn more about her journey, creative process, and inspirations. 

How did you become a Graphic Designer? What’s your story?

I think I was born to be a designer. I became a nurse, but my heart was always yearning for something else. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the recession came, and I wasn't able to become a nurse abroad, and I also didn't practice my Interior Designing. So, I ended up applying for a job in a small company with a very basic salary. 

Overwhelmed and unhappy with my job, I began designing templates for female bloggers and content creators. The side hustle paid off in 2021 when I was chosen to be a Canva Creator. In 2022, I had climbed up in the ranks, and my salary was relatively high. But my focus had shifted. I wanted to give my all to creating products and designing templates. So, in October 2022, I resigned from my job. 

Now I work full-time from home and have plenty of time to spend with my family. I have finally found freedom, and I’m no longer restless. I’m more than ready to spend my golden years at my home in Laguna.

Is Graphic Designing your passion? Do you know why? 

Absolutely! I think mainly because it fuels your creative and technical side simultaneously. It allows you to express yourself creatively and share your vision with the world. At the same time, it requires a lot of technical knowledge, so you keep growing and developing your skills. Plus, it’s a great way to make a living and build a career. 

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder so many people are passionate about Graphic Designing!

What inspires your art?

Like any other artist, I think I take inspiration from my surroundings –whether it's nature, the beauty of everyday life, or the emotions and experiences that come with it. I'm also inspired by the people around me, the stories of their lives and struggles, and the beauty of this world in general.  

Sometimes, a bit of imagination also gives me a good starting point, like music, books, and movies. If they are able to transport me to a different place and time, I'll be able to spin my art out of the feeling. 

You will find the emotions of joy, love, and gratitude in my art. I also love to take complex topics and express them through a creative outlet. Ultimately, I strive to create something that will resonate with others and bring joy to those who experience it. 

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Beauty Boss Canva Instagram Puzzle


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What is your daily process like?

I like to stay organized. So, every day, I wake up and make a list of tasks I want to accomplish for the day. I usually break up my tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks and set a timeline for myself. Throughout the day, I prioritize my tasks to make sure I’m making progress and staying on schedule. 

I might sound like a workaholic, but I'm really not one. I take regular breaks to give my mind and body a chance to rest and recoup. I've found that this helps me stay focused and productive. 

Who buys your art from Social Media Calendar? 

I am so fortunate to have supportive customers worldwide who purchase my templates from Etsy, Social Media Calendar, and other online shops. I have a diverse community of buyers in terms of both background and profession, from female bloggers to course creators to everyday Canva Users who are merely looking to create something quickly for personal use. 

I am forever grateful for the continued support and feedback from my wonderful customers. 

Do you have any other jobs besides this?

I still work as a freelance designer. I offer graphic designing services online and have some regular clients to cater to. But my main focus now is to create templates and products for online marketplaces, spend time with my family, pursue my hobby, and just enjoy life! 

No more 9-5 jobs.

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