How to Сreate an Instagram Content Plan?

How to Сreate an Instagram Content Plan?

Jerry Jerry
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A content plan is a key part of your branding strategy on Instagram. Without a content plan, it's almost impossible to communicate with the consumer and get your workflows right. Every day you'll be faced with the challenge of posting on social media. It is the content plan that will help you avoid problems and wasted time. With a content plan you will never doubt the accuracy of your posts, because the posts will be ready and thought out in advance, you can track the conversion and consumer engagement with the material that has already been used in your social media platform. 

Content plan solves several problems in the development of your account. First, you don't have to urgently come up with any topic when you've run out of ideas for posts. Secondly, you'll have a balanced content, which will not be oversaturated with spam and interesting to your audience. And of course Instagram content plan helps to focus and keep your account strategy in mind when creating it.  It also helps to organize chaotic posting, you will know on what days and hours what material is released. The optimal solution for working with this platform, experts recommend using the Instagram content calendar. A content plan can be weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on your brand's needs. Sometimes, depending on the needs of the company, it's enough just to sketch out a theme and an approximate text, but experts advise you to pick up a picture, hashtags and write the text, so you just have to copy and paste all the data.

Why Do You Need an Instagram Content Plan?

There are many different options for creating Instagram content plan. Sometimes companies use spreadsheets or pre-installed programs, but it's easier to use special services with a delayed posting function. There you can write and schedule all the posts at one time for a specific time and date - and one by one, one by one, they will automatically be posted on the page. 

A content plan helps to keep a clear balance between the selling and entertaining components of the account. This will help keep subscribers' interest and your own business ideas alive. The content plan will help to analyze the results of promotion more deeply and change the strategy if necessary. You'll know which topics are better to focus on and which ones to not consider at all. At the very beginning you should define your goal and the desired end result. Maybe it's simply the development of a personal brand or the launch of a new product on the market, perhaps the creation of new formats or blogs. In any of these cases, you need to find your main one at the very beginning. Content is a tool to achieve results that will benefit if it meets important criteria:

  • Value to the audience; 

  • Relevance;

  • Uniqueness;

  • Ease of perception. 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, not knowing how to plan Instagram posts, create and write content plans, create a table with dates and times of publications. This is a very important aspect, but it is not the main one. The most important thing to remember when you plan Instagram content is to fill it with layouts and headlines for future posts.

The thought over material is always better and looks of better quality, such material will be much more responsive to the users than written in haste. In this case an impromptu will not be appropriate. Of course it is difficult to keep track of all the trends and innovations in the prepared content, but to introduce them into the ready-made Instagram content plan will be much easier than to create everything from scratch. After all, in order to be at the top, you have to respond quickly to the latest events. Relevance should always be present in your social media platform, it will increase your interaction with your audience and their response to your content, greatly complementing your content planner for Instagram.

Types of Content in Instagram

There are different types of content for Instagram, if you use them competently it will increase the conversions of your accounts. You can distinguish the main types of content:

  1. Informational;

  2. Engaging;

  3. Entertaining;

  4. Selling;

  5. Situational (content created under the influence of a trending event or unexpected news that gripped the community) or planned.

If you properly alternate types of content, your account will become interesting to users, and they will visit and respond to your publications more often. Excellent solutions can often be found at special services that help brands create Instagram planners. This will significantly promote you in the algorithms and it is your profile that will appear more often in the app's recommendations. 

Basic Rules for a Proper Content Plan

A proper content plan is the key to the success of your profile. First, you need an idea. You can get ideas for publications from thematic forums, platforms, experts and competitors. Decide on the topic of each post and make a schedule of publications after analyzing the market and your audience. This way, you'll know when the engagement of your audience will be maximum and you can choose the best content to interact with it. Next, you need to create the content that will fill your profile. You can find a photographer, a copywriter, a designer to improve the quality of pictures and texts, to find the right visual style for the tasks of your brand. But, for a start, it is possible to manage your account by yourself, because there are a lot of auxiliary applications that will help to improve the visual appearance of your account. 

Instagram social media planner, often the easiest and most correct way out of the situation. It not only saves time, but also guarantees quality results.  Such programs help to create a quality profile and are engaged in the creation of Instagram’s, which greatly simplifies the task of the entrepreneur. You can also use non-trivial formats in presenting information to get more engagement from your audience:

  • Storytelling;

  • Interviewing;

  • Reportage.

This will help refresh even the most hackneyed topics.

It is very important to be topical, which is why you need a separate "holiday" Instagram content plan for the time of summer vacations, New Year's Day, Easter and May holidays, the beginning and end of the school year. During this period, people buy more actively-especially on-topic items. If you own a commercial account, it's especially relevant for you to use these holidays to promote your product and increase sales.

By cleverly using the holidays to promote your product, you can actually increase sales significantly. Also, to stay in the trend now is quite relevant to keep not only a calendar of posting to the main feed and auxiliary stories calendar, such a function has already added many auxiliary applications for business in Instagram.

How to Properly Fill a Content Plan?

The basic elements of Instagram content plan are usually the same, but you can add or remove some items in each case. Everything should be organic to your profile and objectives.

So, the basic elements for your Instagram content planner are:

  • Content type and/or rubric;

  • Release date;

  • Format;

  • Theme;

  • Readiness of text and illustrations;

  • Status (approved/not approved).

You can also add auxiliary data or clarifying data for more productive work. 

  1. Title. The posts in the feed only have an initial number of characters visible, which together with the picture should catch the subscriber's attention. That's why headlines are very important and have a direct bearing on the success of your publication. 

  2. Publication expectations. For example, to create interest in a new product among a specific segment of your target audience. Creating new content that is not unique to you and engaging your subscribers in its discussion.

  3. Metrics. Likes, comments and reposts directly affect your success. It will be handy to attach an outline of your desired metrics to your report so that other team members can see the results without having to go into a third-party service.

  4. Link to materials if they are stored online - handy so you don't have to search for the right pictures and drafts.

A list of specific short-term and long-term goals will help to choose the right proportions of content, to create a positive image of the company. For example, to attract subscribers, publish interesting informative and entertaining content more often; to increase sales, make effective sales posts.

If you are just a beginner and are just starting to promote your account, you will need two content plans. The first is for the next 7-15 days and will include posts introducing your business: the history and philosophy of the company.

The use of the Instagram plan is based on the results of the first one for the long term. After a short trial period, it will already be easier for you to build the right balance of posts and connect with your audience. And using your Instagram content plan you will feel more confident in the market and stand out from the competition.

It can be quite difficult to figure this out, but the success of your profile directly depends on your preparation in the initial stages of creating content and developing content formats for Instagram. If you pay enough attention to this in the beginning you will be convinced of the right decision after the first results, especially considering that there have long been assistants for creating Instagram post planner online that facilitate the work with the application for all entrepreneurs and flexibly transform to individual tasks of specific profiles.

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