Instagram Reels Ads: Tips to Promote Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels Ads: Tips to Promote Reels on Instagram

Jerry Jerry
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Creating effective Instagram integrations and advertising Instagram videos requires careful audience analysis and market monitoring, building an effective marketing strategy. The secret is to find a common language with the audience. Choose a unique marketing strategy. Each video should carry a clear call to action or a unique offer for potential and existing customers. 

Instagram reels marketing is a very important part of working with the platform. Creating Instagram reels ads helps increase conversions from goods many times over. Advertising on Instagram is now one of the main tools for a company, brand or personal page. Advertising instagram reels ads are an important part of the work of any business in today's world. The Instagram platform is ideal for this type of content and communication with the consumer. It is this social media platform for the use of photos and videos and not too much text content, so it is much easier to promote videos on Instagram.

The Instagram feed has a number of different limitations, the most important limitation for creating promotional videos on Instagram. This is a limit of 60 seconds, no more. But in general, this is quite enough to convey all the information to the viewer. If you create a video more than 60 seconds, views will decrease significantly because it's not entertainment content, but advertising. So promoting your page will be harder because of the algorithm of the application. If we discuss such an option as stories, the peculiarity of this option is that the video should be vertical, for the smartphone. And also the short duration of such videos is a limitation. But in general, you may well be able to fit the presentation into 5, 10 or 15 seconds. Video advertising on Instagram is your tool to communicate with the buyer, on his favorite platform. Try to turn to professionals and make a video not just about your company or product, but also so that the content is entertaining.

The more you think about how to entertain the viewer, the more the audience will be engaged. It is very useful to promote reels on Instagram - it increases the conversion rate of your business.


What are Instagram Reels Ads and How Do They Help Entrepreneurs?

Reels in Instagram is a new tool for promoting and advertising your profile. To begin with, it is worth understanding what Reels Recommendations are all about and what their essence is. The algorithm is simple: entrepreneurs or users shoot interesting short videos, thereby creating certain content. These videos can be viewed both in a person's profile and in Recommendations.

You can access the Recommendations feed by clicking on the dedicated Reels button in the middle of the bottom bar. The video page can also be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app. This is the standard Instagram feed, where in addition to Reels videos there are many other videos and photos.

Creating Instagram Reels ads makes life very easy for entrepreneurs and product owners. At a lower cost, you can significantly increase customer traffic thanks to hitting reels. You shouldn't ignore Reels right now. Because it's not over yet you can shoot reels every day and gain subscribers for free. You can also show ads in the Reels tab on Instagram. These ads will appear between organic reels videos. This is what is important and needs to be considered when creating and releasing ads on Instagram reels. People will be able to comment, view, save and skip Instagram Reels ads, view the videos, and share and "Like" them as organic Reels videos.

Systematic posting reels-a free tool to promote your business on Instagram. Daily useful Reels about your product or service will increase the level of trust of the audience. In fact, there have long been platforms that help you think through reels ideas.

Users often have questions about how to create proper and quality Instagram Reels ads. It often depends on the specific goals of your profile, but the way to promote Instagram reels is Ads Manager. To start, it's worth opening Ads Manager and clicking Create. Select one of the available goals:

  • Conversions;

  •  Reach;

  • Traffic;

  •  Video views;

  •  Brand recognition.

Start creating ads as usual: enter campaign details, set budget, set display schedule, set audience, optimization and display ads. If you only want to run the campaign in the Reels tab, click Manually select locations when setting up your placements. Under Placements, expand the Stories menu and select the checkbox next to Video reels on Instagram. If you want to include ads in Video reels in your video campaigns, you can select Automatic Placements. Select the call to action and complete the ad creation process. Your ad will be sent for verification, upon successful completion of which it will start showing on the Reels tab in Instagram. This is really an effective way to promote videos on Instagram.

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Working Tips for Promoting Reels on Instagram

In order for your strategy to be successful, and conversion marketing Instagram reels need to get into the Recommendations. The videos that get into the Recommendation are those that are interesting by idea, beautifully designed and captivating. If some videos have already been in Recommendations, you can assess a certain trend. The Instagram algorithm evaluates what reaction your video gets from the audience and users to whom it appears in the feed, and promotes it further. Getting into the Recommendations is far from easy, you need to have a basic understanding of the rules for getting Instagram commercials to the top. Yes, it's an opportunity to quickly gain new subscribers and increase your reach. But you have to create really interesting and engaging content to do so.

Here are the points that can make a difference in getting a video into Recommendations:

  • Content;

  • Relevance;

  • Beautiful picture and quality of the video.

As mentioned above, the video should interest the consumer and depending on how interesting the content is to users it is promoted and available for more people to watch. Will people who see your video for the first time review it and share it with friends? Likes, comments, reposts - all interactions are analyzed and affect reach.

There are universal tips for promoting faster and hitting Reels recommendations:

  1. Open a profile.

  2. Hashtags to get into recommendations.

  3. Announcement in the feed and stories.

  4. Attractive covers.

  5. Viral videos.

  6. Shooting for Reels.

  7. Analysis of your Reels which have already been recommended.

  8. Trending music in the video.

  9. Trending effects.

  10. Targeted content.

  11. Good time of publication.

  12. Motivation of viewers to activity.

  13. Long videos.

  14. Communication with opinion leaders.

  15. Tracking and analyzing trends.

  16. AdsManager Facebook video advertising.

To make your Instagram Reels popular, try to keep the momentum going throughout the video. You can do this with editing or effects.You can also use ready-made solutions with Reels tips. Come up with a clickbait splash page so that the user is intrigued. And he wants to move on. Include themed hashtags in the Reels to promote the video. Instagram shows your Reels in search provided you specify the hashtag It's appropriate to use 3-5 hashtags for Reels. With the help of hashtags, Reels can be divided into categories or make it easy to navigate your page. 

Motivate users to interact with you and your page and involve opinion leaders in such campaigns. Study your audience and constantly monitor app trends. Don't forget that you are working for a specific viewer, take this into account and select appropriate content depending on the focus and goals of your profile.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Reels Ads?

It is impossible to single out one format and call it the best or most successful among advertisers, because every case is different. It all depends on your target audience specifically. If your audience is 50+ year old people, I would not advise to choose the video format, because their attention is usually more focused, their speed of thinking is a bit lower, and they generally perceive the picture and text better. And if you are targeting teenagers and 18-30-year-old clients, then we can talk about a cardinal opposite perception of things and the world. The faster the picture changes, the more interesting your Instagram ads will be. 

For such an audience, it is important to create viral types of ads and use trending options for presenting content. Instagram reels advertising can be quite universal for any age group, but it is worth considering the characteristics of your audience.  Today's helpers for creatives to create ads in reels have an extended range of services and more often than not meet all the requirements of the entrepreneur.

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Can You Promote Videos on Instagram And is It Profitable for You to Do So?

Each particular profile needs to decide for itself on the advisability of using this type of advertising to promote content. Of course, modern platforms with reels cover templates help to simplify the task of using Instagram reels for business accounts or personal pages, but still experts recommend proceeding precisely from the audience. Advertising in Instagram reels greatly increases the conversion and sales of the product. After all, different ways to interest the audience on platforms like Instagram give a wide range of opportunities for an entrepreneur to interact specifically with his audience of consumers and increase the sales conversion rate of his particular media product. Promote reels on Instagram, try new things and look at the results, compare and analyze your audience.

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