Marketello Studio – Story of a Mom becoming a Graphic Designer!

Marketello Studio – Story of a Mom becoming a Graphic Designer!

Jerry Jerry
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While people may think that becoming a mother stops you from following your passion, Warda Khoms, a 30-year-old graphic and Canva templates designer and, of course, a mom from Tunisia, North Africa, surely proved them wrong! Although she has a degree in marketing and communication with over five years of experience in the field of digital marketing, nothing stopped her from turning her passion for art and design into her full-time work, and that too while staying at home!

With her designs, her agency is helping not only small business owners but also online content producers to have custom templates designed for their work. Warda's experience in the digital marketing field is what makes her work stand out, as her skills, combined with her creativity as a design enthusiast, let her create some astonishingly good templates!

We had the privilege of speaking with a skilled designer and a talented marketing professional, and she was generous enough to answer some questions for us!

How Did You Become a Graphic Artist? What’s your story?

Since my childhood, I have loved to draw and create design drafts. My interest in the graphic design itself developed during my last few years working with communication agencies. There I learned the art of using visual elements in a strategic way to deal with my clients. From solving their problems to grabbing their attention, I found out how important these designs can be to shape things in numerous fields of work!

To do that, I learned and mastered a lot of tools, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Figma. Since every tool has its own pros and cons, I kept on trying different ones to find the best one for me, the one that would serve all of my purposes in the easiest way possible. 

And that's when I found Canva, and I immediately fell in love with the way it is extremely easy and handy to use. It is a very powerful tool for creating astoundingly good designs. It seems like a simple tool, and that's the beauty of it. It gives you access to tons of design elements and the ability to modify and merge things the way you want them to be. That's why I started creating engaging social media templates through Canva and selling them to small business owners, course creators, and online coaches.

What inspires your art?

Being specialized in inbound marketing and having years of experience in that field is what inspires my designs. With the knowledge and skills that I have gained through my previous jobs, I understand how to use visual elements in a way that can drive more engagement and help create a better connection with the audience.

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What is your daily process like?

The mornings are when I feel the most energetic, so I usually use that time to work on the templates. As for the afternoons, that's when I work on benchmarking and marketing my products to get more customers.

Who buys your art from Social Media Calendar? 

My clients are mostly small business owners, podcasters, online coaches, course creators and bloggers. They are the ones looking for brand recognition, and my customized templates and designs can cater to their requirements in the best way.

Do you have any other jobs besides this?

No, currently, graphic designing is my only job apart from being a stay-at-home mother unless that counts as a job as well!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I picture myself having my own business, with me being the creative director of it! 

What do you want to say to your fans?

Follow your passion and go for the things you want to do in your life. There are going to be many obstacles on the way, but those shouldn't stop you from working hard and pursuing your dreams. Remember that God always has a better plan for you, and in the end, things will work out in the best way possible. 

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