A Graphic Design Business from Finland | Canva templates for social media

A Graphic Design Business from Finland | Canva templates for social media

Jerry Jerry
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From the beautiful west coast of Finland, Niina owns a small business, named Someni. With her creative ideas and graphic designing skills, Niina makes Canva templates for other small Finnish businesses to help them develop their recognition. 

Niina's designs are great because of her knowledge of businesses and their marketing. This can be attributed to her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and another in Digital Marketing. With her love for visual arts and her understanding of how to make businesses grow successfully, she creates outstanding social media Canva templates!

We got to talk to the really talented designer and a great marketing and business expert, and she was nice enough to answer our questions.

How did you become a Graphic Designer?

I love visual arts and have always thought of myself as someone with a good aesthetic sense. Following this path started off as a hobby. One day I stumbled upon Canva, and I started using it to create templates and media for my own business, and then I thought to myself, why can't I do this for other businesses and organizations as well? With this realization, things changed for me for the better! 

I make sure that my templates are beautiful and aesthetic down to the tiniest details, and yes, some may even call me a perfectionist for it! But the thing is that I love the whole process of the creation of these templates. From the inspiration for the design to making everything perfect gives you a feeling of success.

What inspires your art?

I usually prefer neutral and softer tones, but that isn't always the case. I love to challenge myself and try to think outside the box and from the perspective of other people. I also get inspired by my surroundings or it can be that I have already created a specific design in my mind that I will later incorporate into the template. 

Sometimes I also scroll through Canva's library and other similar platforms to see the designs and ideas of other people to open up my mind to better possibilities. I hope that others will use my templates for their inspiration as well.

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Instagram Canva Template Clean


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What is your daily process like?

I don't really follow a routine process. Mostly I start working on the template as soon as an idea hits my mind. It may work well, or I may have to redo the whole thing. It can be a game of trial and error, but it's only the final result that matters. And sometimes, the finalized design comes out to be way better than how I initially thought it would be! 

Once I start working on any template or bundle, I only take a break once I get it done since the flow of the process is something I can not pick up again later. A pause in between may be quite relieving, but I guess being a Virgo won't let me have it unless I have completed the work I have started.

Who buys your art from Social Media Calendar?

Mainly it's the small businesses, but since I have also made a few phone backgrounds, I do have individuals as my customers as well. My templates can prove to be quite helpful for all kinds of businesses and private users since its for people who want to have a cohesive feed for their profiles. Businesses and even individuals have a lot on their plates at times, and my templates will ease the process of content creation on social media for them.

Do you have any other jobs besides this one?

Yes, This business is only a side hustle. I do work as a salesperson managing all of the digital marketing aspects, more like digital communication than sales, of the company I am currently working at. It can be thought of as an office worker.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope that my business will still be flourishing. I know that this does require constant learning and evolving from my side, as social media trends can change extremely quickly, and I will have to keep myself up-to-date. I have also thought of studying graphic design within the next five years. 

I may muster up some courage to try something new with my business, but I am not much of a planner, and I will most likely just go with the flow as it will put less burden on me to achieve everything. What's destined to come will come, and I just hope that my loved ones and I will be living a happy and healthy life.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for all your support, and I am extremely excited about this opportunity of selling my templates and bundles on Social Media Calendar. I can't wait to create more bundles. You can always contact me for anything or to leave feedback. I am happy to listen to what you have to say!

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