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10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

10 Must-Have Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

Have you ever considered why Instagram is the most popular social media platform for establishing one's personal or brand identity? Here is the reason! As of 2023, Instagram was ranked among the top four most popular social media platforms, with around 1.6 billion active users. Moreover, its diversified and extensive user base qualities compel individuals, entrepreneurs, and business persons to opt for Instagram to promote their brands and connect with their audience.

However, regarding promotion, the most critical part is creating a visually appealing post for your Instagram feed that resonates with your audience. And that's the hard part, as not everyone is a graphic designer, and designing may not be your forte. In such moments, Canva lends its helping hand to you and presents you with its customizable best Canva templates.

But there are too many varieties of Canva templates, which can easily overwhelm anyone. It can make it difficult for you to figure out which is best. There, I've got your back! In this blog, I will take you through the 10 best Canva templates for various individual or business purposes.

Why Should Canva Be Your Choice for Instagram Posts?

Before diving into the list of the best available templates for aesthetic Instagram feeds, it is essential to configure the significance of Canva for Instagram posts and why it should be your top pic. Think of your Instagram "home page" as the face of your brand. Your audience will decide whether to stay or go when they land on the Instagram profile. 

Canva is like the best friend in this scenario as it helps you maintain your brand colors, tone, layout, and overall feeling and conveys the brand's voice and personality in the easiest way possible. Let's see how it gets the job done.

Organize Your Brand Assets In One Place 

A uniformity of theme is a must-have ingredient for any branding. Your audience can only connect with and remember your brand if the marketing on Instagram has a consistent tone. 

With the "Brand Kit" Canva feature, you can set up a central hub for all your brand elements, such as company logos, color palettes, slogans and taglines, typography, and templates for effortless and consistent Instagram posts.

Create Instagram Posts With the Best Canva Templates

With over 500K best Canva templates available for Instagrammers, you have unlimited options to create an aesthetically beautiful and captivating Instagram post.

Quickly Resize And Adapt Your Designs 

If you're pursuing branding on multiple social media platforms, one image size won't work for all of them. However, with Canva Pro's Magic Resize button, you can resize your design to fit a range of templates. Not only that, you can even modify the proportions of a single design into many design types at once.

Schedule Instagram Posts For Later 

Canva allows you to design and pre-schedule the content for all platforms, including Instagram. So, if you are one of those time freaks and want everything pre-scheduled, this feature can become a game changer in your business life.

10 Best Canva Templates For Your Instagram Posts

It does not matter whether you are a small business owner or an established brand. The best Canva templates can take your game to the next level. Using these templates, you won't have to worry about creating a beautiful design your audience will adore. 

Luckily, you'll discover that many templates properly reflect your brand's core vision. With a few clicks, you can make social media posts, stories, and even carousels.

Let's now jump into the exciting world of the best Canva templates that will give you an edge over your competitors. As promised, I've curated a handy list of top-notch templates that you can use to create eye-catching Instagram content for various professions, occasions, and needs.

1. Encouraging Women Templates

According to recent research in the United States, around 57% of Instagram users are women. Considering this reality, there is no more incredible platform to showcase women's encouragement posts to your audience than Instagram.

Using these designed templates, you can uplift the female audience with inspirational posts and help them to motivate and believe in themselves. And what is a better way to motivate than inspirational quotes?

In this collection, you will get a wide range of best Canva templates of inspirational quotes with attractive backgrounds, stunning color pallet choices, and eye-catching typography.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 150 Encouraging Women Quotes 
  • 50 Templates for Instagram Square Posts
  • 50 Templates for Instagram Portrait Posts
  • 50 Templates for Instagram Stories 

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

2. Black Friday Sales Templates

Amongst all the best Canva templates, without any doubt, the Black Friday sales template package can take your sales to the next level. According to Adobe Analytics, on Black Friday 2022, internet retail shoppers in the United States spent a record $9.2 billion.

Now, with this data, no one can deny that black Friday is the most remarkable sales event of the year.Since its undeniable importance, your brand's black Friday ads campaigns should reflect professionalism and be enticing enough to convert mere views and clicks into sales.

With these attractive Black Friday templates, you can ensure customers see the real deal, regardless of your business type.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • 50 Black Friday Sales Templates
  • Templates for Coupons and vouchers
  • Templates for the promotion of your products/services
  • Templates for Black Friday / Cyber Monday notifications
  • Templates for discount offers
  •  Templates for Call to Actions

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

3. Business Templates

Are you a business coach or a business owner looking for the perfect template to showcase your niche and encourage young business persons on Instagram effectively? Then, you've found your ideal solution right here. 

Using these business templates, you can provide a daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and guidance to young entrepreneurs without making any effort. These are specifically designed templates to provide powerful business quotations and practical business tips to cater to the aspirational needs of your audience.

However, also remember your business venture while focusing on others. Take advantage of these best Canva templates to boost your brand identity on social media and draw in new business opportunities.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 350 Templates
  • 100 Templates for Specific Questions
  • 100 Templates for Infographics
  • 50 Templates for Easy-to-Implement Tips
  • 100 Templates for Impressionable Quotes

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

4. Yoga Instagram Templates

If you're a yoga enthusiast wishing to establish yourself as a yoga guru on social media, this template collection is expertly crafted to meet your requirements.

Use these templates to communicate the yoga techniques visually in a consistent way to gain more followers. Moreover, share your expert advice through tips, lists, charts, quotes, and more with these eye-catching templates.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • 200 Templates for Instagram Post 
  • 200 Templates for Instagram Story

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

5. Minimalist Instagram Post Templates

Do you prefer a minimalist approach and want to design a simplified Instagram feed? If Yes! You would love this template bundle. It is the perfect solution for people who get overwhelmed with so many distractions and clusters going on in the background. 

Its minimalist designs and lovely color palette perfectly suit to highlight the intended purpose of your post, be it a story, picture, quotations, or launch of a new product.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • 28 templates for Instagram posts
  • Color pallet: Beige, Grey, Blue

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

6. Dark Instagram Templates

Despite its ominous name, the dark Instagram post theme is a brilliant strategy to influence the audience's attention. Due to its bold outlook, it portrays a professional and straightforward picture of your brand. 

In the best Canva templates list, the dark Instagram template package made its way for some apparent reasons. For instance, this collection is incredibly versatile, offering a multitude of options for shaping your social media campaign in various styles, all centered around the sleek black color palette.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 500 Instagram Templates
  • 40 Templates for Reel Covers
  • 200 Templates for Shareable Posts and stories
  • 65 Templates for Connection Posts and Stories
  • 40 Templates for Podcast Posts and Stories
  • 100 Templates for Marketing Posts and Stories
  • 10 Templates for sets of Carousels
  • 50 Templates for Editable Highlight Covers/Icons

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

7. Instagram Seamless Carousel Templates

On Instagram, people engage more with carousel posts than simple pictures. A statistical report confirms that Instagram Carousel has the highest average engagement rate of 1.92%, followed by images at 1.74% and videos at 1.45%. 

However, there are other reasons the Instagram seamless carousel templates bundle has acquired a position in this best Canva templates list. It happened due to its beautiful outlook comprising all its elements, including colors, fonts, and shapes. Moreover, they are gorgeously interwoven to create a stunning interface that will elevate your social media identity. 

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • 10 carousel Instagram templates
  • Animations to get video engagements
  • It comes with a portrait size that takes more space in the feed
  • Text prompts Included
  • 100% customizable with your colors, images, and fonts

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

8. Skincare Instagram templates

Girls out there! These template designs are for you. Their beautiful pastel color palette embraces feminine beauty, elegance, and class. Whether you want to build engagement for your skincare brand or share your skincare routine as an influencer, these templates are meticulously crafted to share the beauty posts with the perfect ambiance.

Refrain from settling for ordinary, and let your Instagram post radiate the brand's beauty with these beautifully designed templates.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 60 Skincare templates
  • 18 content and covers
  • 14 quote posts
  • Four engagement posts
  • Seven promo offers
  • Five price and service posts
  • Our team posts
  • Miscellaneous post

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

9. Good Vibes Quote Instagram Template

This template collection comes with the most vibrant colors among all the best Canva templates. The vivid and playful use of colors is the first thing that will catch your eye in these designs. It delivers a vibrant energy that will create a lasting impact on those you inspire. 

Now, you can say goodbye to dull quotes and give them a makeover with these dynamic templates. Use them and be ready to add a dash of your colorful personality with good vibes quotes and create an impact on your social following.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 80 Instagram template
  • 40 customizable Instagram post templates
  • 40 customizable Instagram story templates

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts

10. Esthetician Instagram templates

The esthetician business is very hype due to the rising beauty standards. However, maintaining an esthetically pleasing social profile for your esthetician business is incredibly important to attract and retain clients.

Consider this template collection as your way to success. Now, you can showcase your esthetician business with this super sleek template, perfect for all your posts and stories. Whether offering discounts, introducing new services, or simply sharing top-notch beauty tips, these templates will take your followers on an unforgettable journey thanks to their cool and solid color pallets.

What Do You Get in this Bundle?

  • Total 500 Instagram template
  • 100 Instagram Post Templates 
  • 200 Instagram Story Templates 
  • 20 Carousel Templates

10 Best Canva Templates for Stunning Instagram Posts


Instagram's widespread popularity has revolutionized the social media marketing world. Due to this reason, businesses, influencers, and young entrepreneurs excessively rely on Instagram for their business growth. And Canva has made social media marketing a child's play. With Canva readymade templates, anyone can create attractive posts to boost engagement on their profiles.

Try out the above-mentioned best Canva templates and witness a remarkable improvement in your Instagram engagement stats. However, remember to tweak these templates with the Canva editing tools and personalize them following your brand identity. 

For more of the best Canva templates, head over to our website, where there are dozens of customizable template designs available with different pallet and font options. We also offer discounts on our best-selling templates. So, don't forget to check them out.

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