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"But isn't email marketing dead?"

  • Email marketing is useless if you do it wrong(By avoiding MISTAKES, it is the BEST sales machine ever). Email sucks if...

  • You send rarely or never emails to your audience.

  • Your emails are annoying, pointless and they have no continuum.

  • You don't engage and hook your audience before you sell them.

"I make $2000 in a week with automated email marketing"

  • Email marketing is one of the BEST things a single entrepreneur or a company can invest in.

  • Email marketing is the world's most effective way to sell to the masses.

  • Email is easy, cheap, personal and instant way to engage and sell. 

  • Once made and automated, "proven to sell" emails multiplies your sales.

If you have even a small list (or are planning to start one), here is everything you need to start making money with email marketing today!

+100 Proven "Plug And Play" Emails

We created this for busy entrepreneurs who know that email marketing is a MUST but have not enough time to write and automate  converting  and  engaging emails (+ turn email marketing to money).

See how small businesses and entrepreneurs like you make 7-figure with this Email Marketing Kit:

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Hook your new subscribers with exciting welcome emails!

I bet you know how important the first impression is in everything. So it is with emails too.

Every subscriber is a valuable potential customer, so you never want to lose any of them. Your first emails are super essential, and *make it or brake it* moment for your sales and business.

Implement our tested and proven welcome series today, and you will avoid MISTAKES most marketers do and hook your audience immediately.

  • Good job, step 1 completed! Now you are engaging your audience and getting loyal customers and more sales!


Turn your engaged leads to buying customers with 6 tested and proven emails

This 6-step formula will turn your leads into customers who will buy from you in a WEEK ... and in the future!

After a successful *WELCOME SERIES*, your new fans will trust you and listen. Now is the time to identify their problems and offer solutions to them.

And we will connect your products or services into the solutions.

Now sales start to skyrocket. 

  • Perfect! Step 2 completed. After one week, your leads become loyal buying customers! You can take easy and enjoy growing sales.


Make your loyal customers buy more in the future with these *conversion monsters*

Who is most likely to buy your products or services?

Your existing customers are most likely to buy from you.

These inspiring sales emails will get your customers to buy over and over again. 

Automate your messages once and open up an incredible source of passive income.

Buy the Email Marketing Kit today and get instant access to these masterpieces of sale copywriting.

  • Super.. You completed step 3. Now your paying customers bring in more money every week. Once done, an endless return on the investment for the rest of your life.


These interesting weekly newsletters keep your audience interested all the time

Once the client has completed the “WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS” and “LEAD NURTURING” steps, they will begin receiving a weekly newsletter.

An exciting weekly newsletter keeps the customer engaged and willing to buy.

The package contains our 52 best ready-made newsletters for you to share right after purchase.

For the next year, you won’t have to write any newsletters.

  • All steps completed! Now you have the ultimate email marketing automation ready! You can enjoy a passive income without the hassle and waste of time writing emails from scratch.

See What Can be Found Inside The Planner And Why It's a "Must-Have"

Track your progression

Even research says planning leads to better results. So plan what you do and do what you plan.

Track your progress and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Schedule your posts

Try and systematically track different hashtags, days you post, and times you post.

You will soon find a clear formula that will produce the results you want.

Ready-made post ideas

Don't have any ideas? On this page you will find "cheat sheet" for 20 tested and proven posts so you no longer have to stare blank screen.

If You Want To Be A Professional And Level Up Your Instagram... All You Need Is This

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1. Who Is this For?

The Instagram Planner™ Is Perfect For Every Instagram User Who Wants Gorgeous and Distinctive Highly Engaging Instagram Profile

Instagram Planner is perfect fit for the busy influencers and entrepreneurs who wants Instagram profile with strong visual brand identity. And for those who want results through better planning, organization and scheduling.

Our customers are e.g., Instagram influencer, Personal brands, Entrepreneurs, Personal trainers, Athletes, Coaches, Network Marketers and even businesses.

2. And how to use it?

Buy Your Planner And Get Instant Access To Printable File

  • Step 1: Make a purchase and download Instagram Planner from your email

  • Step 2: Print it (with color)

  • Step 3: Fill all pages before upcoming week. Repeat every week. Make it a habit.

  • Step 4: Enjoy results (beautiful Instagram profile, more followers, higher engagement and more sales)

3. Why should I get it now?

It's a one time offer. A year from now, you will wish you had started today. 

  • This affordable printable version of Instagram Planner is a part of our limited edition series and will no longer be available for a long time. With the offer of the day, you can have it for $7 and get instant access to this inspiring Planner.

4. What will I get?

You will have access to 12 very important pages right away

  • After purchase, you will receive a download link to your email and you can print it right away

  • You will get 12 illustrated pages for better designing, planning, tracking and scheduling

  • You will get results as soon as you start using Planner systematically and repeatedly

5. Who created this?

From Influencers To Influencers... 

From Entrepreneurs To Entrepreneurs

This Instagram Planner is created by a group of influencers and entrepreneurs.

Meet Jerry - Digital marketer behind the team and calendar

I am a digital marketer, coach, and entrepreneur who wants to help influencers and entrepreneurs succeed with content marketing and social media.  

In my teaching, we focus on the essentials and do things smartly. And, of course, get multiple returns on your investment.

We did this for ourselves. And I'm sure that it will be useful to you.

- Jerry Hietaniemi, Founder of Social Media Calendar

More Questions? Here Are Answers:

How much time is required to use Instagram Planner

The results take time, but the investment pays for itself. When you spend 60 MINUTES a week on Instagram planning, scheduling and tracking, you get 10 times better results than continuing as you do now.

How fast can I expect to see results on my account?

You will see the results immediately. What kind and how much depends on what your starting situation is. Beginners will get results in a couple of weeks. If you are already a big star, the results will be lower, but your workload will be greatly reduced.

When do I get access to the Planner?

You will get instant access to the Planner. Once you finish the checkout process you will get an email with all the instructions.

How long I have access to material?

You will have access to material rest of your life.

Is this physical or digital product?

The Instagram Planner is a digital product. After purchase you will receive a download link to get your printable .pdf -version.

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem, we understand. You have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment.