Improve your marketing campaign with pre-written emails that have been proven to boost open rates and click-through rates.

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Claiming email marketing is dead is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make

Over 85% of people use email daily, and 74% are willing to open marketing emails. Email is cost efficient marketing channel that you can fully automate to generate an endless sales stream for your business. Compared to paid advertising on Facebook and Google, email is the only channel entirely in your hands. No fear of algorithm changes, rising costs, and ad account rejections.

  • Email marketing: less expensive, more effective

  • One channel in your hands, no third-parties involved

  • Proven way to increase ROI (return on investent)

Email marketing is easy to run, hard to master

With email marketing, you can set up all your campaigns with automated sequences and then let them run on their own time. There are plenty of free or cheap software programs that make this easy too - all you need is a list of customers. Once you've got everything on the right track, leads will become paying customers in no time at all.

Our solution:

To simplify the process of selling your products, we have compiled an email list of over 70 emails that you can edit and send out to prospective customers.

  • Easy to use - just fill the blank sections

  • 70 pre-written emails

Here's what our customers think:

Our pre-written emails come in four categories to help you maintain an orderly, straightforward, and efficient email campaign

The Welcome Series, 6 emails

  • Six engaging emails for introducing yourself and your business

  • Hook your readers immediately and convert them into customers by making a great first impression

  • 6 email templates tailored to fit any company or business

The Lead Nurturing Series, 6 emails

  • These emails will show you how to turn your leads into loyal customers who are eager to buy

  • Funnel potential customers into decision making

  • 6 email templates tailored to fit any company or business

The Customer Nurturing Series, 6 emails

  • These inspirational sales emails will keep your customers coming back for more

  • 6 email templates tailored to fit any company or business

Weekly Newsletters, 52 emails

  • These easy and efficient newsletters provide excellent customer engagement

  • 52 newsletter templates tailored to fit any company or business

Launch your most productive email campaign yet

Sale Off
Email Marketing Kit - Limited time offer

Writing emails from scratch is an arduous process. Instead you can avoid hours of frustration and use pre-written emails. Email Marketing Kit allows you to quickly create an efficient and effective email campaign in just minutes.

  • Instant access

  • Secure payment process


Frequently asked questions

How do I use The Email Marketing Kit?

We, in SMC, believe that simplicity is the key to success, so we made it easy to use:

Step 1. Open emails in Google Docs, fill in the blanks, and customize the email to suit your purposes.

Step 2. Copy and paste the email to your email automation software (or send directly if you don't have one)

Step 3. Enjoy results (more potential customers, higher engagement, and more sales).

How much time is required to use The Email Marketing Kit?

Cutting down your workload from hours to minutes is possible if you use ready-made templates.  You don't need to waste time creating content for each phase anymore; all it takes are a few clicks and your email campaigns will look consistent without having to spend too much time on them.

When can I access the material?

Upon checkout, you will instantly be granted access to the material. After checking out from our store, we'll send you an email with instructions for downloading it.

How long can I access the material?

You will have lifetime access to the material.

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem. We understand. We provide a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment: support@socialmediacalendar.co