Do you want to start a profitable online business in a month?

Founded in 2019, Social Media Calendar has become the world's most significant social media template designer. Over 1 million people around the English-speaking market have tried our products. Now it's time to translate our templates to your language and localize our business in your country. This new adventure will be implemented by the Franchising model and will open up excellent business opportunities for you!

Watch the webinar and learn more about our Franchise opportunity!

  • What  Franchise by Social Media Calendar means?

  • What will you get as a Franchisee?

  • Revenue forecast for 1st and 2nd year

  • Requirements for Franchisee

  • Cost of becoming a Franchisee

  • How to get started

Timetable with the Franchise Business Model:

  • We are finalizing the Franchising program, materials, and instructions
  • Closing deals with new Franchisees in August
  • On August 29, we start conquering the market together with all new Franchisees 

Franchise by Social Media Calendar™

Social Media Calendar.. An Online business with solid proof of concept is now available for Franchisees!

Our products for the English-speaking market have been a success story. Now we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become our Franchisee and start your business in days!

  • Get access to the products with a strong proof-of-concept

  • Cost of Franchising is always lower than the investment needed for creating the product

  • Includes everything you need to run as successful business as we; infrastructure, sales process, marketing materials, visuals, ads, and email marketing copy

  • Choose your own language and dominate the fresh market

  • The risk is low when you get access to everything with a small investment and the contract can be canceled anytime 

  • Building a profitable business has never been this easy!

You can start easy and risk-free business in days.. and you already know that you have products in high demand!

What to expect as a Franchisee?

Use the slider to compare revenue, expenses, and profit as a Franchisee between 1st and 2nd year. In the second year, the business really kicks off!


You will be profitable in a couple of months. In the first year, we focus on translating as many products as possible, growing the customer database, and building marketing automation. We will turn that work into revenue in the second year and enjoy growing profits. 

What will you get as a Franchisee?

1. Support and coaching

We'll help you get started and beyond!

  • After applying, you will have 30 days intensive onboarding period
  • You will launch your store in 30-60 days 
  • You will get access to our instructional videos that will help you to setup everything and run your business
  • You will have your own Success Manager who will guarantee your success 

2. All products

You have immediate access to +150 products!

  • You will sell our super popular products in your language and in your country
  • We give you access to all products and you are responsible for translating templates  
  • Translating one product takes approx. 3 days meaning that you will have around 10 products when you launch the store
  • We have listed a priority order for our products with strong proof of concept 
  • 2 New products monthly 

3. Infrastructure

Our theme, Apps and instructions 

  • Your store will be built on Shopify and we will install our highly converting theme
  • You will get a full list of Apps and softwares you will need to run the business
  • You have detailed installation instructions for everything
  • You are responsible for translating all texts and installing all Apps (we install Shopify theme) 

4. All marketing materials

All marketing materials for selling like crazy!

  • Access to marketing materials for all products, ads, ad copies, emails and push notifications
  • Social Media Package for your brand's Instagram and Facebook
  • Marketing Calendar (campaigns for Holidays, etc.)
  • You are responsible for translating all products, texts and materials

5. Sales process

We have the world's best sales process!

  • We will teach you how to setup our sales process that has generated $3.5M in sales in two years with a 122% YoY growth rate 
  • Instructional videos for running Facebook/Instagram ads and using Klaviyo for email marketing automation 
  • You are responsible for translating all texts

6. Community

Welcome to the community!

  • We have own community for all Franchisees
  • Get help, support and learn from others
  • Weekly tips, tricks, news, and insights
  • Monthly online meetings with us and other Franchisees 
  • Monthly awards and nominations
  • Grow your business together with a loving community! 

The Opportunity

Every week we get hundreds of questions asking templates for other languages. There is a huge hidden potential in all language areas.. big or small! Now you have a chance to dominate one of these new markets.

With a small audience, you will succeed faster, easier, and with lower ad spend. With large audiences, the potential is limitless but prepare for higher customer acquisition costs. 

Hurry! We grant only one franchise license per language area!

The holder of the franchise has exclusive rights to the language area. Act quickly if you want a specific language area as your own. If you purchase, for example, a German language area, you will be the only entrepreneur in that language area.

How to get started

Fill Questionnaire

You can show your interest by filling out the Franchising Questionnaire. It doesn't bind you to anything yet. We use the survey and meeting to profile you and determine if you are a good match as a Franchisee. 

Profiling Meeting

In the meeting, we will discuss the language area you are interested in, the Franchisee requirements, available time and capital, and your timeline. The meeting doesn't bind you to anything yet. After the meeting, we will decide if you are a good match for Franchising.

The Setup

The last step will be purchasing the Franchise Setup. The Setup Package will get you started. The 30 days onboarding process begins right after signing the contract. In 30-60 days, your store and first products will be launched, and you will be a new business owner!

Get started by filling the Questionnaire

Filling the questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes, and it doesn't bind you to anything yet. After completing the questionnaire, you can book a meeting with Jerry Hietaniemi. In the call, you will hear more about the Franchising model, and together you will determine if you are a good match.

Franchising costs

With the Franchising model, you can start a profitable business in 30 days without high investments and risks. The cost of our Franchising model is super affordable compared to creating and building everything from scratch. With us, you get tested and proven products and solutions without wasting time, money, and energy creating your own products and figuring out what works.  

Affordable and flexible payment model will help you to get started with a small investment!

  • You become a Franchisee by paying the one-time setup fee ($1500) that will be used to set up your business and get started
  • The first 60 days are entirely free; in this time, your store will be launched, and the business will be running.
  • You will get your first monthly invoice (a $1000) 90 days after signing the contract.
  • The First six months are free from a 5% revenue commission.

Cost timeline

You can cancel the contract during the first year with a 30-day notice period. After the first year, you make a contract for one year at a time.

Product not found. Have you uploaded products to your store?

More questions? Here are the answers:

What are the requirements for Franchisee?

  • Age 18+
  • Fluent in the chosen language
  • You need to start a business or use an existing one
  • You need at least 20 hours/week to get started and run the business
  • You need at least $6000 of capital (Setup fee, ad budget for 1-2 months, first Franchising monthly fee due for payment in 60 days)
  • You need good technological skills
  • Moderate English language skills

What are the requirements for Franchisee?

  • You are fully responsible for all translations (work and costs)
  • We give you all the solutions and answers you need, but you do the installation of required apps by following our instructions*
  • *We install the Shopify theme
  • You are responsible for all software expenses (around $250/month in the beginning)
  • You are fully responsible for running the business and managing all things related to owning and operating the business

Who translates all templates, websites, and other materials?

  • You are fully responsible for all translations (work and costs)

How much time does it take to run this business?

  • You need at least 20 hours weekly to launch and run the business. The more time you have, the faster you will get results. 

Can I sell all products you have? Will there be new products, and are they included in my license? 

  • Yes, yes, and yes. All our templates, calendars, planners, covers, emails, and blog articles are included in the license. We publish 1-3 new products monthly. 

Will I get exclusive rights to my language area? What does language area mean?

Yes, you will. The Franchisee will have exclusive rights to the area. The first suitable Franchisee will get rights. If several eligible candidates appear at the same time, the one who pays more gets the rights.

Language area covers all areas where people speak that specific language. For example, if you purchase rights to the French language, you can sell products wherever people speak French, like in France and Canada. 

What if I am not happy with the product?

You can cancel the contract during the first year with a 30-day notice period. If you cancel, you have to pay the ongoing month to us. After the first year, you make a contract for one year at a time.