Don't ever spend another second of your precious time doing social media without planning!

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"Most successful Instagram Influencers and Business Owners always plan every step they take. They design their profile, plan their posts, and schedule their upcoming week."

- Forbes

We put together the Planner by collecting templates from over +50 successful Instagram influencers.. And now you can download these pages and start planning already today!

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Why THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER™ is essential for everyone who takes social media seriously?

Create a strategy

Creating a strategy is a fundamental part of all success. It's a big picture. Decide what kind of identity, brand, and profile you are willing to build and what it takes. 

Plan what you do

Once you have created a solid strategy, you can plan what you daily. With the Planner, you can plan what you do today, tomorrow, next week, and the following month. Plan what you do, and you what you plan.

Measure your success

When you implement your plan, it's super motivating to track your progress. The Planner includes perfect charts for following the most important "key performance indicators". 

Are you missing a social media strategy? Do you stare at a "blank page" and wonder what you should post today? Isn't your profile growing? Don't worry.. It's all over at last.

What the PLANNER™ includes?

1. Branding 

Branding is everything if you want to build an everlasting success story. In this section, you will plan what your identity, sound, and visual image are. That will help you to find your niche and audience.

2. Competitor Analysis

When you analyze your competitors, you will learn two crucial things: 1) What can you learn from them? What do they do well? And... 2) How can I differentiate from my competitors? How can I be better? 

3. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis reveals your strengths and weaknesses. You can take advantage of things you are great. You should develop areas where you are not so good. Only that way will you succeed.

4. Content planning

Before we plan posts, we create the framework for all future posts. What kind of posts, what things to repeat, and which #hashtags should you use?

5. Plan your posts

After fundamentals, you can start the most important (and fun!) part: content planning. With the Planner's help, you can ensure that your future post will be inspiring, valuable, and consistent.

6. Track your progress

Put your numbers to the template and enjoy exponential growth! Number #1 rule of all success is: if you want to progress, measure it. 

Quick and easy to use!

Customize the Planner to fit your/team's brand and print it

  • 100% Editable Canva file

  • Change colors, images and texts

  • Add and remove pages

  • Download and print

Receive THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER™ and skyrocket your social media already today

Start planning today!

One-off payment. Digital file. Normally $49.

Why some Influencers and Business Owners are so successful on social media while others fail?

Successful ones knows..

  • You have to find your niche to be able to find your audience and grow

  • It's crucial to have a strategy and a plan for the whole year to be able to post great content daily

  • You have to have a solid workflow to be able to succeed in the long term

  • Tracking crucial key performance indicators and analyzing results is a way to success

Others fail because of..

  • They don't know who is their audience and they fail to reach new followers

  • their actions do not follow strategy and there is no clear direction

  • They have no workflow and process making daily activities too laborious and they give up

  • They don't know what are crucial KPIs they should track which makes it impossible to see progress

So What Made the Difference? 


"I am happy to see that my customers are getting better results than ever!"

Meet Jerry Hietaniemi

Creator Of The Social Media Planner

"The Social Media Planner is a powerful tool for creating a strategy, planning the content calendar, and tracking progress. For months I collected best practices for social media planning, and finally, I was able to put together 39 crucial pages for social media success.

The Planner will help you to build a brand, plan your actions and track your progress. This book won't give you ready-made answers. It will ask the right questions and help you become your best self.

I am happy to hear positive feedback from my customers on how they have unlocked the power of social media and enjoyed growth like never before."

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Start planning today!

One-off payment. Digital file. Normally $49.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required to use the Planner? 

Instead of wasting hundreds of hours doing social media without a plan, all you have to do is download these ready-made templates for planning. When you have a ready-made Planner that asks the right questions, you need just 10 minutes in a day with your Planner. The Planner will fast-track your workflow and help you to succeed.

How fast can I expect to see results on my account?

You will see the results immediately. What kind and how much depends on what your starting situation is. Beginners will see results in a couple of weeks. If you are already a big star, the results will be less dramatic, but your workload will be greatly reduced.

When can I access the Planner?

You will receive instant access to all the of material. Once you finish checking out you will receive an email with instructions.

How long can I access to the material?

You will have lifetime access to the Planner (digital file) and ebook (digital file).

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem, We understand. We provide 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment: