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Introducing our innovative solution to elevate your social media presence – the Custom Templates Starter Pack by Recognizing the prevalent content shortage on 70% of social media pages, we have developed an affordable and convenient way to ensure consistent posting each month. 

Annie Spratt

“I have tried several management services; they cost a lot, but this one is just WOW. Outsourcing my social media to them was the best decision and the price feels like its free, now I dont have to keep posting every day or even editing templates !”

Experience What Free Time means

Why spend valuable time posting on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter when you can delegate those time-consuming tasks to us? For a cost lower than a Taco Bell meal each month, let us handle it for you,  and prioritize what truly matters." 

Strategic Content Creation:

who has better resources than us? we have thousands of templates we can Engage your audience with thousands of ideas

how do we handle the job

we have two teams

1- high-level experts; their job is to make custom templates from 


2- Posting experts they will take care of posting in time updating your profiles with the best marketing tactics, hashtags, etc..

Multiple pricing options

we offer two plans 

1- Custom unique templates that fit your exact business, delivered each month to you 

2- Custom unique templates + posting management

cost-effective solution for you social media accounts

The average price to hire social media manager is 100$ to 2000$ a month

  • Fast Delivery
    Always on time
  • Full Refund
    if not happy with the order
  • Online Payment
    Secure Sytem
  • Online Support
    24/7 Free Support
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Full Suite - Monthly Subscription

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Once in a lifetime, our service for 73% OFF

Break away from the confines of your social media posts
  • 30 unique posts for your business

  • Editable you can edit the posts wiht on click

  • working with SMC=Top 1% designers in the world

  • save your time for important things, keep the posts to Us

  • will be back soon, and included in this package

How it works

a. 5 days Delivery:

Upon order confirmation, we kick off a thorough analysis of your business within the initial 5 days. During this period, we gather essential information either through direct communication via email at or by having you input your details in the order note on the cart page. 

b. we hand craft 30 posts for you

Armed with insights into your business, our dedicated team handcrafts 30 unique posts for each day of the month. shipped all or half at once Rest easy knowing that your tailored content will be shipped promptly after the 5-day customization process. 

c. Unique specially for your business

This personalized approach guarantees that your social media strategy aligns seamlessly with your brand, providing you with a hassle-free solution to maintain an engaging and dynamic online presence.

D. Never Run out of ideas 

Elevate your social media game with the Custom

Templates Starter Pack from – because your brand deserves to stand out! keep your social media alive and never run out of ideas

Compare features

With other brand similar product



30 days custom posts based on your business niche

+ 100,000 huge dataset and resources

expert team working with you directly

cheaper than a taco bell

Manual posting, No tools or third party

no duplicated content

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Starter Package - Unique Custom templates
  • 30 days custom templates based on your business

  • we Create your posts based on your exact business after we get infos from you in the order note for the first time. 

  • 30 days each=30 templates, all shipped after 5 days from  purchase confirmation

  • Better and cheaper than any freelancer

  • Each month you get New 30 Posts for 30 days

  • No Posting
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Full Suite - Monthly Subscription
  • All what in the starter pack +

  • Manual posting

  • facebook and instagram posting

  • hashtags + marketing tactics 

  • facebook and instagram posting

  • Cheaper and better than any freelancer or agency

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

01. What is custom templates ?

custom templates is a new concept that we worked on, which will deliver a custom templates to each member based on his business, We built this for people who love to be unique

02. How does the continuous posting feature work in Templates Plus?

our team will reach out to you for access to your pages so we can post, we may do it via business manager or manual login 

03. Can I add custom addons, such as email newsletters, to the Full Suite?

in the Full suite package you can just contact us in the live chat with your addons you want to add and we will quote you directly and send you a link to pay the extra charges

04. Can I switch between packages at any time?

yes. you can switch whenever you want or cancel if you want

05. is the second month will have the same templates? 

No, we create Each month package alone and unique, we never repeat the same templates each month have his unique templates

06. Can I cancel anytime?

yes. you can cancel anytime you want

07. do all pages need to be in same name?

each different name will counts as a new business which will require youto purchase package for it

08. How much packages I can Buy?

you can buy as much as you want, our team will handle all of them 

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