Calling all social media content creators...

Are you ready?

Simply, the best, largest, and most comprehensive library of social media content will be launched on October 25, 2021.



"Your perception of social media content creation will change forever on October 25, 2021."

- Jerry Hietaniemi, Founder

Quit wasting time on creating social media content!

Listen to Jerry's greetings!

It is not yet time to reveal everything, but here at a glance what we will launch soon..  and how it will change your social media workflow.

Unlimited amount of content

Imagine that you have access to over 50 000 ready-made social media templates with one click. 

For any business

We have thousands of templates for over +200 industries. If something is missing, just tell us.

Simple license

You get broad commercial rights, so you can use templates with confidence on work or personal projects.

Edit in seconds

All templates are fully editable. You can change texts, images and colors in seconds (without graphic skills).

Things you will get rid of once you are with us...

Waste of time

Designing social media content from scratch takes time and energy. With us, all you have to do is choose a perfect template and match it with your brand.

Waste of money

You don't have to use expensive graphic designers to create your social media content anymore.

Creativity block

Staring at the blank screen and thinking about "what to post today" drains your energy. With us, you will never run out of ideas. 

Bad results

You don't have to be a content creator anymore to share high-quality content and get results on social media.

And the best thing? You or your client will succeed on social media (grow + monetize!)

One tool, unlimited use cases

Perfect for anyone working with social media

One tool, unlimited use cases

Perfect for anyone working with social media

Save $100 and be first to get access!

(The price will never again be as low)

Join on waitlist and get super early bird discount

If you join our waitlist, you will have an exclusive price and access to the app 13 days before the official launch. Super early bird price is for the annual subscription, and you will save $100!

Prelaunch on October 25 for VIP (That's you!)

On October 25, you can access the app and over 50 000 ready-made social media templates. 

Launch on November 1

We will launch the app on November 1, and the price will go up. 

How the app works?

1. Search templates

You can choose a set of templates for any business or any purpose from the selection of over 50 000 ready to share templates!

2. Customize

All templates are fully editable. You can customize them in seconds to match your brand. Change images, colors, and fonts easily in Canva without graphic skills.

3. Share on social

When you are ready, just export templates and share them on social media. You can also share templates directly from Canva!