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"I've been using your story calendar now for three weeks, and my followers say that my Instagram Stories are suddenly super interesting and hooking. I'm getting an average of 15 new followers in a day right now."

- Isabella, Fashion Influencer

For the first time, I sold my services directly via Instagram DM! People are now reacting much better to my Stories and getting in touch. Excellent boost to sales!

- Thomas, Photographer

  • Unlock Our Secret Method For Results You Want

Successful business and growing engaged audience on Instagram have many similarities. Sometimes you need to focus on visibility, sometimes engagement, and sometimes turning your followers into leads and sales.

  • That's why we divided our 400 stories prompt ideas into four categories

Boost your organic reach three times in a week to grow your audience

Post engaging content twice a week

to get more reactions 

Turn your engaged followers to leads once in a week

Sell to your engaged followers once in a week

Implement this method today, and you will get immediately more...

  • New followers, direct messages, offer requests and sales... 

In A Nutshell You Will Get All These:

400 Prompt-Ideas To Your Stories

Imagine having 400 ideas ready to Stories for the next 12 months? We have prepared for you a Calendar with a carefully selected prompt for each day. 

So the next year ahead is planned and organized! Best of all, the plan follows our secret method of increasing visibility, engagement, followers, leads, and sales.

150 Ready-Made Templates 

Start posting outstanding Stories immediately after you have purchased Instagram Stories Calendar. 

You will receive 50 "Fill The Blanks" templates (feedback of these is super!), 50 Quote Cards, and 50 beautifully designed questions. Best of all, you can customize all of them with one click!

From Influencers To Influencers... From Entrepreneurs To Entrepreneurs

Instagram Stories Calendar is is created and updated daily by a group of influencers and entrepreneurs.

Meet Jerry - Digital marketer behind the team and calendar

I am a digital marketer, coach, and entrepreneur who wants to help influencers and entrepreneurs succeed with content marketing and social media.  

In my teaching, we focus on the essentials and do things smartly. And, of course, get multiple returns on your investment.

We did this for ourselves. And I'm sure that it will be useful to you.

- Jerry Hietaniemi, Founder of Social Media Calendar

Implement These Ideas And Ready-Made Posts 

To Boost Your Results:


Imagine you open Instagram in the morning, and you have 20 new followers again. And future customers.


Did you know that the Instagram algorithm loves it when other people @tag you to their posts and share your posts? Better to get used to that.



A large, engaged audience is everyone's top goal on Instagram. And the most important asset of every entrepreneur.


You grow your audience every day. An audience ready to buy your products or services.

"Perfect for busy entrepreneur!"

I didn't know that Instagram Stories is this powerful! Three weeks with Calendar and 5 new customers with revenue of more than $2000. And I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. 

 As a Personal trainer, I don't have much "office time," so this is a lifesaver for a busy entrepreneur who wants to build a personal brand.

- Meghan, Personal trainer / Fitness Influencer

Who Is this For?

Instagram Stories Calendar™ Is Perfect For Everyone Who Wants Results On Instagram

It's for the busy influencers and entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of Instagram Stories without the endless feeling of "What do I share today?". 

This is for anyone who wants to avoid frustration, stress, and a waste of time. Instagram Stories Calendar is perfect for influencers (e.g., Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, etc.) and entrepreneurs for whom the powerful personal brand is necessary. 

Our customers are e.g., coaches, consultants, freelancers, agencies, personal brands, Instagram influencers and even businesses.

To Make Your Dreams Come True, You Need These:

Inside Instagram Stories Calendar™ You Will Find These Prompt-Ideas:

Constant organic visibility is vital for success on Instagram. To get followers and turn your followers into loyal customers, you first need to reach them. 

The weapon for this is our tested and proven visibility prompt-ideas that you can find three for each week in the Calendar.

Once you've made sure you reach a new audience every day, it's time to engage them repeatedly. Committed audience is most important on Instagram if you want to succeed as an Influencer and get affiliates. 

Or if you are an entrepreneur and want more customers for yourself. In the calendar, you'll find two prompts to increase engagement and reactions each week.

As the size of your engaged audience grows all the time, it's easy to start taking regular steps to increase your lead register. This is what we will do once a week. In addition, you have 50 extra prompts to generate leads if you want to invest more.

As the engagement audience and lead register grow every day, you will gain more loyal customers. You will sell more on social media than ever before. Are you prepared to respond to your customers through DM?

Inside Instagram Stories Calendar™ You Will Find These 150 Ready-Made Templates:

50 Ready-Made "Fill The Blanks" To Boost Your Visibility, Followers and Trick The Algorithm (valu$97)

I'm sure you've seen these! Ready-made "Fill The Blanks" Stories are by far the MOST EFFECTIVE way to skyrocket your reach and get followers on Instagram. 

The algorithm and people love these. We hand-picked 50 bullet-proof templates for you that you can customize with a single click.

50 Ready-Made Quote-Cards To Boost Your Visibility, Followers and Trick The Algorithm (valu$97)

Quotes are the most shared content on Instagram. We've created 50 beautiful and famous quotes for you. 

These will help ensure that your content is widely shared on Instagram and that you will get more followers all the time. Best of all, you can edit them with a single click.

50 Ready-Made Questions To Boost Reactions And Engagement (value $97)

Asking questions is one of the best ways to start a conversation with your followers and increase engagement. 

We selected 50 popular questions and created beautiful templates for you. Gorgeous Stories are often shared by your followers, giving you much more organic visibility.

(+ $500 Worth of Content Now For $27)

You Can Edit All These With One Click!

Do you know why our customers love us? Because you get all these ready-made templates to your Canva, the world's easiest free image editing software. You can open images on your computer or mobile phone and customize the template with a couple of clicks. For example, you can add text or a logo and change colors. It's up to you.

"I Bought it immediately!"

I'm still so nervous about sharing to my Instagram Stories and speaking to camera... But this ready-made plan with easy "fill the blanks" idea strengthens my confidence all the time! I love this feeling like I know what I am doing! Thank you so much Social Media Calendar :) 

- Jennifer, Blogger

From 500 to over a 1000 followers in less than 1 month! So far, I had ZERO ideas to put on Story. Now I am crushing it, and I love it! Thank you, Social Media Calendar.. I am a big fan of your regular content Calendars too.

- Elena, Life Coach

Finally my social media content is organized and planned! Feels good. And I realized what MISTAKSE I've made with Instagram Stories all the time. Great help for anyone who has the challenge of getting interesting Stories done.

- Tom, Artist

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You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to use Instagram Stories with our method, ideas, and ready-made templates – and see actual *sales* come from your efforts.

Some Facts Why So Many 

Fail With Instagram Stories:

  • Instead of posting daily, they post infrequently what happens to come into their minds

  • Random Stories and boring content don't grow a profile or business. The planned system with great content does. 

  • They don't know what kind of posts boost visibility and what promotes reactions and engagement. 

  • Success with Instagram Stories requires creativity, time, and hard work. Many get frustrated and give up.

There Is A Clear Pattern Behind The Success

  • That's why we made the Instagram Stories Calendar for you to stop making mistakes and start doing the right things right today. 

    In the future, you can follow a method that will guarantee you get visibility, followers, and sales. You have a strategy that is in line with your goals. 

Free e-Guide For You

  • Our method explained: This is what you should be doing when you want more visibility, reactions, leads and sales!

  • Seven principles of Instagram Stories: Always respect these principles when you want to succeed on Instagram!

Buy Today And You Get Also These for FREE:

  • Over 100 Highlight Covers for Instagram profile and stories

  • Ensure that your feed and profile look fancy and professional

  • Build networks everyday with other influencers

  • Sharing is caring: we help each other to grow and get results!

Do You Want All This 

Now Only For $27?

More Questions? Here Are Answers:

How much time is required to use Stories Calendar?

We've created the Stories Calendar to give you two benefits: get 150 fully-finished Stories templates that you can schedule right away (like with Plus, you get 400 Prompt-Ideas for every day. When you have a ready-made idea, you need only 5 minutes to make a Story every day.

How fast can I expect to see results on my business?

You will see the results immediately. What kind and how much depends on what your starting situation is. Beginners will get results in a couple of weeks. If you are already a big star, the results will be lower, but your workload will be greatly reduced.

When do I get access to the prompts and templates?

You will get instant access to all the material. Once you finish the checkout process you will get an email with all the instructions.

How long I have access to material?

You will have access to material rest of your life.

What will I get when I buy Stories Calendar?

You will get Google Sheets file with 400 prompt-ideas for the next 12 months AND 150 ready-made templates to your Stories. You will have Canva-links for all the templates so you can edit them easily. All the prompt-ideas are divided to 4 categories: visibility / engagement / leads / sales to maximize your results.

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem, we understand. You have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment.