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400 Lifestyle Templates

400 Lifestyle Templates

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This is a perfect package for Lifestyle Influencers who are ready to do fewer things, better. These carefully selected ready-to-use templates guarantee your future as an inspiring and interesting lifestyle brand on social media.

This unique super bundle includes:

  • 150 Viral Quotes
  • 100 Engaging Questions
  • 50 Funny "Would You Rather?" Questions
  • 100 "Share A Photo" Challenges

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This is perfect for you if your dream is to grow your social media and business

30 days from now, your friends and colleagues will be asking how you did it!

Take Your Lifestyle Brand’s Success to the Next Level

For a lifestyle brand, social media success is a non-negotiable aspect of promoting their products and services. There is no better way to curate an experience that you are hoping to sell than through social media marketing. If you skip social media, you are missing out on appealing to a large chunk of your target pool, which your competitors are sure to capture. Get started on your social media journey today!

For Brands Selling Lifestyle

As a lifestyle product or brand owner, there are various facets that demand your attention on a daily basis. Do not let social media marketing be one of them. Each of these lifestyle templates are unique and innovative, with stylish designs and intriguing content that will certainly keep your audience on their toes. Start selling the lifestyle that you envision within seconds with unparalleled content.

Easy to use and share

All templates are fully editable. Match templates with your brand by changing any color, font, image, or element in seconds.

Share on social media and see your business growing!

Finally, you can share inspiring content daily.

What's included?

You are losing money every day you are without a strong social media presence. Skyrocket your results today with these amazing templates that are ready to share!

  • 150 Enchanting Quotes

    Our expert marketers have carefully selected 150 quotes that will inspire your followers to dream of a different lifestyle. With these few quotes, you can paint a vivid picture that will leave them gasping for more. Quotes are easy to consume and are a favorite with social media users, so they will certainly improve your visibility.

  • 100 Thought-Provoking Questions

    Our 100 questions are meant to push your target audiences to think more about what their dreams and aspirations are- the lifestyle that you are offering. Moreover, their responses will boost your engagement rate and strengthen the connection you have established with them

  • 50 Would you rather Templates

    Our 50 would you rather templates are a quirky way of grabbing the attention of your audience. In addition, they can provide insightful data that you can leverage to improve your branding. These high-quality templates will improve your engagement rate and bolster your page.

  • 100 Share Your 2 Cents Challenges

    Our 50 Share a Comment and 50 Share a Photo challenges are crafted with immense tact to leverage your target audiences as a marketing tool and inspire them to engage with you while promoting your brand on their personal pages. Such templates will push your lifestyle brand to nooks and crannies of the internet within days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jean White

very professionally done and easy to use. A great asset for my business.

Liz Hunter
Social media templates

These are the best. They are easily manipulated in Canva if need be, but as a stand alone as is they are perfect
Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Canva account?

Yes, a Canva account is required, but don't worry - creating one is completely FREE and easy.

Can I access these templates on my phone?

Yes! However, editing templates on desktop is much more easier.

How do I access my templates?

You will receive a .PDF file with links to templates via email after purchase. After adding templates to your Canva account, you can access your files directly from Canva.

Can I edit these templates?

Yes! All of our templates are fully editable.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

No problem. We understand! Contact our customer service and tell us that you would like to have a refund.