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Resell Right License - Template Product

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Do you want to start a profitable online business in a week? Do you want to skip all the hustle and bustle and start with a business that already has a strong proof of concept? And with very low cost.

Buy resell rights to Social Media Calendar's template products and start chasing your dreams already today!

1. Find the product that you want from our online store
2. Type the name of the product in the field above
3. Purchase and wait for materials and contract to arrive (24 hours)

You can buy only one product in one order. If you want more products, buy them separately. 

Your license renews automatically after one year. You can cancel your license anytime. 

Watch the video: Why this is a perfect opportunity?

Start a business already today by selling our products!

Our products for the English-speaking market have been a success story. Now we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy resell rights to any of our products and start your business in days!

  • Get access to the products witha strong proof-of-concept

  • Cost of resell rights is lower than the investment needed for creating the product

  • Includes all marketing materials, visuals, ads, and email marketing copy

  • You can translate all materials to any language and start selling

  • The risk is low when you get access to products with a small investment 

  • Building a profitable business has never been this easy!

You can start easy and risk-free business in days.. and you already know that you have products in high demand!

The Process

Buy Rights

Choose any template product from our selection and type the name of the product to the text field above. You can purchase rights to one product in one order. If you want to buy multiple products you have to buy them separately.

Receive Materials

We will send you a contract and all the materials within 24 hours on weekdays. After signing the contract, you have acquired the rights for next 1-12 months.


You can sell products in English or translate them into any language. One of the best ways to do business with our templates is to localize them!


Start earning right away! You can sell products anywhere else than in marketplaces (e.g., Creative Market, Envato, Etsy).

What can I do with the product and rights?

This is what you can do

  • Sell it on your own website (e.g., an online store made with Shopify)

  • Sell it to anyone

  • Sell it in English or translate it into any language or multiple languages

You can't do this

  • Sell English versions in marketplaces (e.g., Creative Market, Etsy, Envato)

  • Sell resell rights forward

  • Offer paid products for free (you can have discounts from time to time, but can't share the product for free)

Can you already see all the possibilities you have?

Do you want to meet before and hear more? 

Need help with the strategy?

Build a strategy for your next business together with Jerry Hietaniemi, the Founder of Social Media Calendar, buy booking a 60-Minute Coaching Session!

Jerry is a founder of Social Media Calendar, the world's most successful Canva template business, and now you have a chance to get him as your mentor.

Social Media Calendar was founded in January 2020, and Jerry took the company from zero to $1 Million in sales in 12 months. Next year he and his team doubled the revenue. Today, the company keeps growing and finding new solutions to serve small business owners.