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Pinkpreneur, Ebook and Workbook Canva Template

Pinkpreneur, Ebook and Workbook Canva Template

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About the Product

This is perfect for bloggers and entrepreneurs who love to use Canva for their courses and workbooks.

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Making your first ever online course seems a bit difficult to do especially for beginners. Your workbook is something you need to attract attention.

With this ultimate workbook template, you can easily create your course through Canva with the templates provided. It’s made effortless with the drag-and-drop concept that all you have to do is insert images and the text content of your lessons. Voila! You now have a professionally-designed workbook made within a short amount of time.

It’s one thing for you to be satisfied with what you have come up with the content for your workbook. It’s another thing for you to worry about its design that will complement the content.

But how on earth do you that without spending so much money and wasting too much time?

That’s why these Workbook Templates for Canva are here!

With a professionally-designed template, your workbook is bound to become a best-selling product because it has impressive content and the stunning design to market that content.


3 Cover Page Design 2 Table of Contents 2 Welcome /Introduction Page 1 Mission and Vision 4 Overview of the Course 1 Objectives Page 5 Steps Page 1 Our Team 6 Chapter Cover page 42 Content Pages 3 Testimonials / Quotes Page 6 Images / Gallery Pages 1 Resources List 3 CTA pages 2 Thank you Pages 1 Bonuses Page 1 Upsell Page 1 Disclaimer


3 book cover design 2 table of contents 4 workbook introductions 1 mission and vision 1 special instruction 2-course overview 4 Goal Setting page 1 Daily Notes 1 Project Timeline 1 3-Step Guide 1 30-Day Challenge 1 1 Month Roadmap 1 Productivity Tips Page 29 Worksheet Pages 6 Checklist Pages 3 Three Items Page 1 4-Items Page 1 7-Days Challenge 1 Timeline Page 1 Weekly Prompt 2 Tips for Success 2 Assessment Page 1 To-Do List 3 Time Tracker 1 Daily Task 12 Graphs, Charts, and Puzzles 2 Productivity Page 2 Resources List 1 Workbook Summary 1 Bonuses Page 1 Upcoming Course 3 CTA Pages

****Note: Images and mockup not included

(you will get a lifetime update for the templates) Extra pages with tips and design elements Fully editable in Canva With 95 different styles to choose from, your workbook can nail the concept it is going for. Everything is specially preset for you so you can easily squeeze in your photos, text, and other content into the template.

Thanks to Canva’s efficiency, your perfectly-made workbook will be out in the shortest amount of time with a bigger chance of getting all the great feedbacks, growing your subscriber list, and earning much more than you expect!

The designing part is done for you.

These templates will do the work boosting the aesthetics of your product making it look professionally-made and pushing up its conversion rate.

With the extra time in your hands, your product will be an instant hit.

We’re putting a stop to the cycle of setbacks in an easier, inexpensive, and effective way with the Workbook Templates for Canva.

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Do I need a Canva account?

Yes, a Canva account is required, but don't worry - creating one is completely FREE and easy.

Can I access these templates on my phone?

Yes! However, editing templates on desktop is much more easier.

How do I access my templates?

You will receive a .PDF file with links to templates via email after purchase. After adding templates to your Canva account, you can access your files directly from Canva.

Can I edit these templates?

Yes! All of our templates are fully editable.

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No problem. We understand! Contact our customer service and tell us that you would like to have a refund.