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Written Social Media Captions For Notaries, Loan Signing Agent Social Media Captions, Facebook Captions For Notary Pros, Notary Public Posts

Written Social Media Captions For Notaries, Loan Signing Agent Social Media Captions, Facebook Captions For Notary Pros, Notary Public Posts

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32 Written Social Media Captions For Notaries and Loan Signing Agents.
Is creating social media content a time-consuming, difficult task for you? Or worse still, have you neglected this important marketing tool?
We get it! It takes time to craft professional, engaging content that is relevant to your clients. You need to be motivated and on form for the words to flow beautifully. So we've taken on the job for you. Now you can copy and paste these easy-to-use social media posts to your platforms and get back to more important things only you can take care of.
There is 1,100 words written specifically for professional notaries and loan signing agents. You could post one caption per day and have a month's worth of content. Or, if you post every second day, this order will last you several months. Just add your own photos and copy the text into your social media feed.
Here is a sample of the first 5 captions:
1: Hi, I'm (insert name). I'm a professional notary public and/or loan signing agent covering the (insert name) area. If you need professional notary services, drop me a line and I'll reply as soon as possible. 
2: I offer mobile notary service in the (insert name) area. That means when you need a notary service, I can come to you. If you are busy and can't leave the office, give me a call or email me (insert email address). 
3: This kind review from my client made my day. I'm always deeply grateful for testimonials which help my business so much. (Insert testimonial/review). 
4: Save my details because you never know when you might need professional notary services. Often the documents I sign are time-sensitive, so put me on your speed dial, so when the time comes, you know how to contact me.
5: I'm NNA certified and 1M E&O Insured until (insert expiry date). I'm also (insert other qualifications). I believe education never stops, even in the golden years, so I am always adding to my skills and qualifications. 
Each social media post is an asset that you can use as-is or adapt to suit your brand. 
PM me if you have questions, requests or comments. Thank you!

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