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20 Ready-made Templates for Social Media. Tested and proven to generate more visibility, engagement, followers and sales. 

Beautiful design

Designed to attract more followers.

Easy to edit

Customize the templates exactly the way you want them.

for the influencers who want to differ.

These free samples are designed to increase your visibility, followers, engagement and sales (Optimized for Instagram and Facebook 1080x1080px.)

build a brand

Take a shortcut to being everywhere, all the time. When your followers open their Instagram, you are there with enjoyable content every single time. Inspiring thoughts and engaging questions just to name a few. 

get more followers

These templates are formulated to increase your reach and visibility on social media. When you exponentially reach more people, your audience will grow. You will get more followers, leads, customers, and sales.

higher engagement

These templates encourage your followers to react on your posts and start a conversation with you - All things that matter for higher engagement. With high engagement levels there will be no limit to your social media growth and success (and monetization!).

easy to edit and modify.

Do you know why our customers love us? Because you get all these ready-made templates loaded to your Canva, the world's easiest free image editing software.

You can open images on your computer or mobile phone and customize the template with a couple of clicks. For example, you can add text or a logo and change colors. It's up to you.

  • Easily edit the text to your liking

  • Change the font of the templates

  • You can easily swap the preset images to your own

  • All assets are fully editable
  • Add your own logo or username

20 free templates

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