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Thinking... "email marketing is dead!" is the most crucial mistake business owners can make in 2022.

Why Email Marketing Is the Most Powerful Sales Channel?

Over 85% of people use email daily, and 74% are willing to open marketing emails. Email is an almost free marketing channel that you can fully automate to generate an endless sales stream for your business. Compared to paid advertising on Facebook and Google, email is the only channel entirely in your hands. No fear of algorithm changes, rising costs, and ad account rejections. 

Why Should I Care About Email Marketing?

With a daily growing list of subscribers, even small business owners can generate over 6-figures with email marketing alone each year. 

How Do I Use Email for Marketing?

With email marketing, you have to set up your automated sequences just once, and your money-printing machine is ready to generate passive income for you. There are hundreds of free and easy-to-use email automation software tools around. All you have to do is start building your list and keep your subscribers happy with engaging emails. With a solid system, you will turn your leads into paying customers in days. 

  • Unlock Our Secret System for Email Marketing Mastery

Our Solution:

Email Marketing Kit for business owners

  • Together over +70 ready-made emails that are proven to generate more customers and sales

  • Every email includes "fill in the blanks" sections that you can use to customize for your business

  • Easy-to-edit Google Docs and copy+paste to your email software

  • Email Marketing is an easy, cheap, personal and instant way to engage and sell. 

  • Implement and automate Email Marketing Kit and "proven to sell" emails will multiply your sales in weeks.

If you have even a small list (or are planning to start one), here is everything you need to start making money with email marketing today!

1. Welcome Series

  • Introduce yourself and your business to your subscribers with these 6 engaging emails.

  • Hook your subscribers instantly and turn them into potential customers with a great first impression.

  • 6 Ready-made templates that suit every business.

2. Lead Nurturing Series

  • These 6 emails will guarantee that your leads become your new loyal fans (who are ready to buy!).

  • With these emails you will gain trust and loyalty and ensure your potential customers will listen to you.
  • 6 Ready-made templates that suit for every business.

3. Customer Nurturing Series

  • These inspiring sales emails will get your customers to buy over and over again. 

  • Automate these messages once, and open up an incredible source of passive income.
  • 6 Ready-made templates that suit every business.

4. Weekly Newsletters

  • These exciting weekly newsletters keep your customers engaged and willing to buy.

  • For the next year, you won’t have to write any newsletters.
  • 52 best ready-made newsletters for you to share right after purchase.

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... and you will turn your business into a money printing machine. 

"Email Marketing Kit is a masterpiece of persuasive sales copywriting."

Still, I can't believe what a game-changer automated email marketing can be. 3-4 times higher sales and passive income changed my business (and life!!) forever. And there is no going back.

As a small business owner, I would never have set up email marketing like this on my own. I am incapable of writing a single email.

I felt terrible paying over $200 for this, but in a week, my investment paid off. Now I have generated over $30,000 in six months with these emails alone! 

- Lizzie, Business Owner

Marketing Manager Lisa's thoughts:

Now you, too, can stop staring at the blank screen...

With Our Prewritten *Fill in the Blanks* Emails Your #1 Marketing Channel Is Ready In Hours

  • You will save hundreds of hours of precious time

  • You can start world class email marketing today

How the Email Marketing Kit works?

Build. Automate. Grow. Monetize.

Email Marketing Is Easy, Cheap, Personal, - and an Instant Way to Engage and Sell. 

... and you will turn your business into automated money-printing machine. 

Hear what Marketer Fraser thinks:

"The Email Marketing Kit Generates Over Half A Million In Sales For Me Every Year"

"I created this for busy entrepreneurs who know that email marketing is a MUST, but don't have enough time to write and automate-, converting-, and engaging emails (to turn email marketing into money!).

The Email Marketing Kit is a powerful tool for digital marketing, customer nurturing, and above all, sales. With this Kit, you can build an automated system that will generate passive income for you while you sleep.

I am happy for all the feedback from our customers who have unlocked email marketing and enjoyed growth like never before!"

Jerry Hietaniemi

Founder of Social Media Calendar

If You Buy Today, You Will Also Receive:

200 Proven Subjects for Emails (Value $50)

Getting people to CLICK and OPEN your emails is one of the most crucial aspects of email marketing success.

Customize these 200 tested and proven to convert subjects for your emails and enjoy the results.

4 IP Address Reputation Boosters (Value $50)

With a high IP Address reputation, you will ensure that your emails don't end up in offers or worse... in the trash. 

Complete this sequence, and it's guaranteed that your subscribers WILL always receive your emails.

Wrap-Up Of Everything You Will Receive:

  • Welcome Series with 5 *Plug and play* emails (Value $50)

  • Lead Nurturing Series with 6 *Plug and play* emails (Value $60)

  • Customer Nurturing Series with 5 *Plug and play* emails (Value $50)

  • IP Reputation Series with 4 *Plug and play* emails (Value $40)

  • Weekly Newsletters Series with 52 *Plug and play* emails (Value $520)

  • 200 Proven Subjects for Emails (Value $50)

  • 4 IP Address Reputation Boosters (Value $50)


RRP $200

YOU PAY $39 (80% OFF)

... and you will turn your business into an automated money printing machine. 

Get Yours Before The Offer Is Gone!


Questions and Answers

Q: Who is this for?


The Email Marketing Kit is perfect for every business owner or company that wants to leverage email marketing power for sales. 

Our customers include, e.g., personal brands, business owners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies. 

Q: How do I use it?


Easily customize and implement ready-made email templates for lead nurturing and sales

Step 1. Open templates in Google Docs, fill in the blanks, and customize the email to suit your purposes

Step 2. Copy and paste the email to your email automation software (or send directly if you don't have one)

Step 3. Enjoy results (more potential customers, higher engagement, and more sales)

Q: Why should I get it now?


If you are not using Email Marketing.. You are losing money every minute.

You can keep doing what you are doing now and getting the results you are getting.. Or you can get instant access to the Email Marketing Kit and start chasing your dreams today.

A year from now, you'll wish you had started today. The time is now. It's easy to delay working on your goals when the day-to-day stuff takes up so much of your time. And that's precisely why I created The Email Marketing Kit to make it easier for my customers.

Q: What will I get?


You will Receive 70 ready-made email templates (+ fREE bonus products)

After purchase, you will receive links to Google Drive where you will find all emails

You will receive 6 Welcome Emails, 6 Lead Nurturing Emails, 5 Customer Nurturing Emails and 52 Weekly Newsletters

Frequently asked questions

How much time is required to use The Email Marketing Kit?

Instead of wasting hundreds of hours figuring out what to write for each phase of the customer's journey, you can implement ready-made templates in minutes. With ready-made templates, your workload for successful email marketing will be reduced tremendously.

How fast can I expect to see results for my account?

You will see the results immediately if you have never done email marketing. If you are already marketing with email, the results will be less dramatic, but your workload will be greatly reduced.

When can I access the material?

You will receive instant access to all of the material. Once you finish checking out you will receive an email with instructions.

How long can I access the material?

You will have lifetime access to the material.

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem. We understand. We provide a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment: