WORKSHOP REPLAY : Start A 6-Figure Online Business

After this workshop, you will have a business idea for a successful 6-figure online business and a clear step-by-step plan for reaching your goal in months!

"Join my workshop and learn how I started my latest business in 4 days and made over $40 000 already in the first month"

- Jerry Hietaniemi, founder of Social Media Calendar


The price of the replay and additional materials is $49.

This workshop is for you if you want to start an online business and earn passive income. In this workshop you will come up with a successful business idea. In less than 12 months you will build a 6-figure business.

(90 days from now, your friends and colleagues will be asking how you did it.)

After this workshop, you will have a priceless online business idea, and implementation plan, and you are charged with motivation and inspiration to escape 9-5 and change your life in the next 3 months

What's included?

  • How to build a profitable online business 2022

  • How to figure out a perfect business idea

  • How to build an implementation plan

  • Introduction to ALL essential tools and softwares

  • 10 Ready-Made Business Plans

  • Lead Magnet Kit And Marketing Planner


WORKSHOP REPLAY: Start A 6-Figure Business Today

In this workshop, we will go straight to the point: how to figure out a profitable business idea and implement it. Jerry, serial entrepreneur and founder of +5 companies, will share his strategy for getting started with a breakneck schedule.

You will learn about planning, all essential tools and softwares, how to sell products, how to sell services, how to sell online courses, how to sell coaching, how to dominate digital marketing 2022, and how to scale. 

 Simply: this is your fast-track for escaping 9-5 before summer is over and the rat race will begin again.


10 Ready-Made Online Business Plans by Jerry Hietaniemi

If you struggle to find your purpose, you can implement one of Jerry's plans. 

 According to Jerry, these are plans he would implement immediately if he needed another online business. 

 NOTE: This is exclusive content. This white paper is only available for workshop attendees. 


Editable Marketing Planner

This Marketing Planner is like a workbook for the workshop, and it's also handy when planning your future marketing activities. 

(Psst! You can also use this as a lead magnet for your own business!!)


Workshop Presentation

Receive all 50 slides and use them as a study material and do all exercises we have in the workshop.



FREE: Lead Magnet Kit

Business Owners never have enough free resources to share and to get more leads and subscribers. When you attend this workshop, you will receive two lead magnets that you can share to get more potential customers for your business. 

Both Lead Magnets are fully editable. Challenge Book is made for all kinds of inspiring challenges. 

 Workbook is a template for writing a complete book (short or long)!!

Meet The Instructor

Jerry Hietaniemi


Jerry is a founder of Social Media Calendar and a digital marketing strategist. He is one of the top names in paid advertising worldwide. Behind the success of Social Media Calendar is an elite-level digital marketing ecosystem, and in this course, Jerry will reveal all his secrets for selling like crazy.


REPLAY: A 6-Figure Online Business Workshop


10 Ready-Made Business Plans


The Marketing Planner


The Lead Magnet Kit


Total value


Today Only


More questions? Here are the answers.

How long the workshop will last?

The workshop will last approximately 3 hours. 

What kind of results can I expect? 

All attendees will most likely figure out an idea for an online business and create a plan for getting started. When you have implemented the plan, you can expect $5-10k/month results in 90 days. 

When can I access the material?

You will have access to all the material when the workshops starts (JULY 13 AT 1:00 PM EDT).

What software I need?

The workshop will be delivered via Zoom. You can use Zoom in web app, desktop app or mobile app.