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Lots of the same

There are lots of the same templates, questions etc. I had expected more

FREE Reels Calendar for Business 2022

I love FREE Reels Calendar for Business 2022 it has made my planning very easy.

350 business templates

They are awesome and see them helping my business thank you

Great Product!

Helped my Team to Analyse the process and manage the Marketing Responsibilities and Shoot my Branding to Next Level.

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Love it!

I’m not all the way through the course yet, but already I know it was well worth the cost. There’s a lot of great information, lots of “Aha!” moments where I learned some new things, and plenty of tips and tricks to guide you along the way in using Canva effectively and creatively.

I would definitely buy this course again.

Thank you!

Thank you sooo much!

I am very grateful to the for the inspiration and the amount of time I and my Real estate business got!

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Don’t know how to use

I don’t know how to apply it to my nuche

great product ,

no doubt it is a great product but sorry to say i've subscribed to an email marketing provider, so more or less a bit some format, therefore i've requested a refund, a bit hesitate on the refund process , because the staff / emailed replied i've received was something like a lot of people misuse the guaranteed refund features bla bla bla which the purpose is to tell me not to refund ....... i guess.......... but i still get the refund, thanks

The infographics are very useful

The infographics are very easy to use, editable, and gave me ideas for other infographics.

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Nataliya Konakchieva
A 6-Figure Canva Course

The course itself is comprehensive with ideas and strategies; however, the process of creating the canvas bundle and uploading them to one of the marketplaces would be beneficial to be added. Furthermore, I wondered whether the premade templates are helpful for the niche I would like to focus on because they use mainly before and after photos of their services. The course is suitable for people with marketing knowledge so they can grab the ideas offered; for people that don't have any marketing knowledge and have never done any marketing materials using Canva would be very time-consuming, and they should undergo additional marketing courses to implement the whole idea and would go through a lengthy process to start making any profit. However, I found the course beneficial for me personally cause I had some ideas already in that direction.

Such a great value!

This is so amazing and helpful for posting on social media. I plan on using some of them for my courses too! Thank you!

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Can’t wait to put it to use!

Child Care Resources

I was super excited to receive the Child Care Resources for my online Preschool Resource Academy that I will be launching soon. Thank you for a great kit that is so much more than just templates. You have me soooo ready to start.

Bed and Breakfast Templates for Social Media

Really impressed easy to use

200 Cryptocurrency Templates for Social Media - 50% OFF

Not quite what I expected

Not quite what I expected

200 Home Workout Templates For Social Media 85% OFF