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  • An accurate valuation is an essential tool for you to plan future growth and understand how your company creates value.

  • You have to understand macroeconomic trends

  • You have to focus on your niche with fresh ideas

  • You have to make strategic implications to the future and improve your key areas of economic potential

Others fail because of..

  • They are not able to understand the current financial condition of their company

  • They are not focusing on projects that drive economic value

  • They waste their time and energy on content creation

  • They miss key microeconomic trends and indications

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What's included?

  • Financial Analysis

  • Valuation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

  • Performance & Liquidity


Financial Analysis

Understand the historical performance and value creation of your company. Create and test different scenarios based on market conditions. Compare your financial history to other similar companies.

By comparing a company's financial statements in different time periods, you can view growth or decline in revenues or expenses, changes in capital structure, or other financial trends.



Calculate the approximate fair market value of your company. Understand how your future cash flow converts into a value. 

Realize what drives the value creation of your company and how you can improve it. Useful to determine the fair value of your company – determined by what a potential buyer is willing to pay a seller


Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Analyse your cash inflow and outflow easily. Determine a discount rate and convert the value into a present value.

Make forward rolling analysis/estimates of your company.  


Performance & Liquidity

Analyse the underlying potential of your company to create additional value and make optimal assumptions of your capital structure in the future.

Test how your operations generate cash flow to meet your financial obligations. Make easy debt schedules to see how you meet your financial obligations.

Ready-to-use outputs to improve your financials and financial arrangements.  

Quick and easy to use

Valuation Model™ includes only few inputs for deep financial data analysis. After the deep data analysis you will get summarized ready-to-use data outputs. 

You can use the model to build different scenarios for different purposes and see how they affects outputs. The Valuation Model™ is a perfect tool for managing your financial data and improving your knowledge how you create value. 

Model also allows you to download (and print) .pdf-file when you need share the information with someone. 

1. Add financial data

2. Build different scenarios

3. Automated and detailed calculations

4. Export ready-to-use financial data

The Valuation Model


  • The Valuation Model for Small Business

  • Understand the historical performance and value creation of your company.

  • Analyse your cash inflow and outflow easily. 

  • Analyse the underlying potential of your company to create additional value

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Meet Carlo Gylling

Founder Of The Valuation Model

"I created this product to help financial professionals just like you"

Carlo Gylling has over 13 years of experience in valuations, modelling, investment management – including financial arrangements and M&A transactions.

Carlo's experience includes advising companies in value creation from a financial point-of-view, supporting companies in M&A transactions, capital expansion and financial restructurings together with developing and improving company structures to achieve further operational efficiency and discovering optimal financial structures to increase investors’ value and wealth.

"My purpose is supporting companies in making value creating financial decisions and solving problems with valuations and modelling. Based on my experience – I want to help business owner to understand their value creation potential by offering professional models to anyone. Normally these models are kept in secret – but during these unstable market conditions – I think it’s crucial for every business owner to help them survive through these conditions."


-  Carlo Gylling, Founder of The Valuation Model


The Valuation Model for Small Business


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  • Secure payment processing.

  • Instant, lifetime access.

  • One-off payment. No graphic skills needed.

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How much time is required to use the Valuation Model? 

Instead of wasting hundreds of hours figuring out how to valuate your company, all you have to do is download this ready-made model and implement it. 

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You will receive instant access to all the of material. You have lifetime access for all materials. Once you finish checking out you will receive an email with instructions.

What software do I need to edit the templates?

You can use the Valuation Model either on Google Sheets or download it to your computer and open with Excel.

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem, We understand. We provide 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment: