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After receiving tons of messages about social media templates for COVID-19 prevention, we decided to gather 90 essential infographics.

Let's #StopTheSpread together.

We offer the bundle without profit because we, too, want to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 Infographics Bundle includes:

  • How to prevent COVID-19
  • Instructions for operating in public places
  • Quotes with call-to-actions (Wear a mask!, Stay home! etc.)
  • Working from home FAQs
  • Workplace FAQs
  • What is Coronavirus?
  • What are COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Managing COVID-19 stress
  • What's the difference between Physical Distancing, Isolation, and Quarantine?
  • Managing loneliness
  • Instructions for Physical Distancing
  • Instructions for using masks
  • Talking to your kids about Coronavirus

Continuous sharing of information about Coronavirus is one of the most critical actions for prevention! Be involved!

All the templates are editable in Canva!



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These Templates are perfect if you aim to build a large audience on social media. With our high-quality content, you will reach bigger audience and grow your following. You can make your daily posts in minutes!

Product details

Number of templates:
91 Editable templates for Instagram and Facebook.

Size of templates:
All templates are 1080 X 1080 which is perfect for Instagram and Facebook. 

What is the format of templates?
You will receive templates in two formats: as Canva files and .png files. 

Why should I get this now?

  • Increase your reach and visibility

  • Grow your social media audience

  • Engage your audience

  • Get more leads and customers

What will I get?

When you buy the Bundle you will receive 90 Templates for your social media:

- 90 Editable Infographics on COVID-19. Stay Safe!

How do I use it?

How I receive templates?
You will get access to templates right after the purchase. You can either download them from the order summary page or from the link you received into your email inbox. 

Are templates editable?
All templates are fully editable with Canva. Open templates with direct Canva link and all templates will be stored in your Canva account. In Canva you can edit elements, colors and fonts. You can change images and add your own.

How can I get templates into my device?
You can download templates from Canva or Google Drive into your mobile phone or computer. We recommend using Canva since all files are stored in Canva's cloud service and ready-to-use whenever you want. 

How long I have access to templates?
You have lifetime access for all templates.

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