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El Toolbox™ para Creadores en Canva - POR SOLO $10 HOY!

El Toolbox™ para Creadores en Canva - POR SOLO $10 HOY!

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¿Quieres crear y vender plantillas de Canva? Estás en el lugar correcto.

Jerry Hietaniemi ha vendido plantillas de Canva por más de $3,000,000 en menos de dos años, y ahora puedes tener acceso a sus herramientas y métodos.

El Toolbox™ para Creadores en Canva incluye todas las herramientas esenciales que necesitarás si quieres construir un increíble negocio en línea como creador en Canva.

Estas herramientas lo ayudarán a comercializar sus plantillas en redes sociales, susitio web o por marketing de correo electrónico.

El contenido más valioso del Toolbox™ es el plan de Jerry para construir un negocio para crear plantillas y materiales de marketing y así vender sus productos y cómo comercializarlos en sus redes.

Además, obtendrás acceso al grupo privado de Facebook donde Jerry y otros lo ayudarán a tener éxito.

¿Qué obtendrás?

  • El calendario de redes sociales para creadores en Canva
  • 10 plantillas promocionales para creadores en Canva
  • eBook de Como crear y vende plantillas en Canva
  • La guía definitiva de #Hashtags para creadores en Canva
  • 5 correos electrónicos listos para usar para creadores en Canva
  • 5 artículos de blog listos para usar para creadores en Canva
  • Invitación al grupo privado de Facebook para creadores de Canva
¡Y más productos increíbles, totalmente GRATIS!
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This is perfect for you if your dream is to grow your social media and business

30 days from now, your friends and colleagues will be asking how you did it!

Money-back guarantee + instant access!

If you are not happy, we are not happy and that is the reason why we offer 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

Easy to use and share

All templates are fully editable. Match templates with your brand by changing any color, font, image, or element in seconds.

Share on social media and see your business growing!

Finally, you can share inspiring content daily.

What's included?

You are losing money every day you are without a strong social media presence. Skyrocket your results today with these amazing templates that are ready to share!

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How the product works?

Customer Reviews

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Agnes Epstein-Lukács

Canva Creator's Toolbox™ - ONLY $10 TODAY!

Dima Farroukh

Canva Creator's Toolbox™ - ONLY $10 TODAY!

Wasted $

This is just an package of introductory information designed to get you to buy more stuff.

Shubnam La
Canva Creator's Toolbox™ - ONLY $10 TODAY!

This toolbox is straight to the point speeding up your learning process and not filled with fluff to waste valuable time. It has clear instructions and ideas generation processes to get you off the ground quickly. You will need a canva pro account which is a a paid software beyond the 30 day free trial etc to create templates. Although this is for someone wanting to create a canva template business, it does provide an overall blue print for how to run any online business.

  • Personal use

    Personal use is a one-time payment and for non-commercial purposes. Only one user is allowed, and sharing is permitted only on a personal account.

  • Business Owners (most popular)

    License for business owners is a monthly subscription and for commercial purposes. The license allows multiple users and unlimited sharing on all your business accounts.

  • Agencies

    License for agencies is a monthly subscription for commercial purposes. Agencies and Social Media Managers can worry-free share templates with multiple clients.

  • Resell

    The resell license is a monthly subscription granting you access to resell our templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Canva account?

Yes, a Canva account is required, but don't worry - creating one is completely FREE and easy.

Can I access these templates on my phone?

Yes! However, editing templates on desktop is much more easier.

How do I access my templates?

You will receive a .PDF file with links to templates via email after purchase. After adding templates to your Canva account, you can access your files directly from Canva.

Can I edit these templates?

Yes! All of our templates are fully editable.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

No problem. We understand! Contact our customer service and tell us that you would like to have a refund.