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Tips For Creating a Social Media Aesthetic For Your Brand

The aesthetics and visual style of your brand is a major competitive tool for brands, products and businesses. 

The rate of development of modern media space invariably influences the quality of content and the style of your brand becomes very important in the tasks of communication with the audience, now it becomes harder and harder for the brand to become visible, to be competitive, because there are so many different variants of content presentation and brand presentation in the market.  The rapid growth of competition increasingly reduces the difference in the quality of the product and its value. 

What is a Social Media Aesthetic?

Nowadays, brand and visual identity become the main tools in the competition. This is how a brand can engage the consumer and increase revenue on social media platforms. Aesthetics is not a logo or the external appearance of a company or its employees. Creating social media aesthetics is a critical task for businesses.  It's not even a company's mission or vision. It is a concise message and finding like-minded consumers. If your consumer is close to the aesthetics of your profile, you are already on your way to successful communication with them. The promise, the underlying idea, the reputation and the expectations that are built in people's minds about the company product or service. It's a powerful asset.  

Your social media aesthetic forms emotional connections. Aesthetic media have always been important to consumers. People fall in love with it or it causes rejection, which is why it's important to devote enough time to creating the aesthetic side of your media platform.  They associate themselves with brands. They believe in them, show loyalty to them and buy their products or services. Aesthetics generate attachment and emotional dependence. While brand aesthetics used to refer primarily to consumer products, nowadays the importance of branding is enormous in all areas of business.  

What is Brand Aesthetic and Why Use It?

Studies show that in about 85% of cases our choice of goods and services is based on feelings and emotions, rather than on a balanced calculation. Buying something, we often appreciate not the thing itself, but the feelings it gives. Many people know this from their own experience and use it to develop their brand. 

Business based on aesthetic principles seeks to engage all five human senses and for this purpose creates products or services that are enjoyable to buy and use. Not just usefulness is valued, but the pleasure they provide: visual, gustatory, olfactory, auditory and somatosensory (tactile contact). The aesthetic content of the product changes the motivation of the consumer: he stops reasoning about functionality and starts to choose impressions first, gets inspired, and keeps pleasant memories. Unique aesthetics for your business solves many problems in communication with the consumer and helps significantly increase brand revenues.

For the brand, this means increased demand and an influx of new customers, respectively, increased sales and higher demand for the product. 

The main value of using aesthetic principles for brands is pleasure: the ability to lift customers' spirits and awaken their imagination through the perception of your brand and visual communication. That's why brands built with aesthetics in mind stand out from the crowd. A successful strategy based on working with customers' feelings and emotions helps a brand become successful in the world.  Understanding the value of brand aesthetic is usually formed immediately, literally depending on the message the brand wants to convey to the consumer. Brands are always trying to be aesthetically consonant with customers and their views. 

Aesthetics is about modernity. Aesthetic product creation skills are extremely important for brands.  Constantly develop aesthetic empathy. Aesthetic intelligence begins with developing aesthetic sensitivity, a deep understanding of and respect for other people's tastes and views. 

Understanding the difference between good taste and bad taste and at the same time being able to discern good taste even in what we ourselves don't is a valuable tool to imagine and anticipate who and how will respond to the aesthetic features of your product or service and to adjust your brand to the needs of your audience. It's very important for brands to avoid copy. Don't copy. Seeing and appreciating real quality, in today's world, you can't allow yourself to copy: repetition is unlikely to create something that will hold its value for a long time. Authenticity and originality are the basis of aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to building a brand and its image. Yes, companies in the "fast fashion" segment easily stamp patterns, styles and silhouettes similar to those created by designers of expensive brands, but the value of these fakes is insignificant. 

Figuring out how exactly aesthetics can help brand development and how to apply it effectively and convincingly, you can significantly increase the probability that your brand will be successful in the market among other offers and the consumer will choose you among the huge number of offers in the market.

Tips on How to Create a Unique Brand Aesthetic

There are many different approaches to creating your social media aesthetic and overall style. Many different and versatile approaches are guaranteed to create a unique aesthetic specifically for your needs and for your audience. Business owners often wonder how to create an esthetic? In general, before approaching the aesthetic creation you should naturally do an analysis of your audience and competitors. Form the core values of your brand or product. It is important for the consumer to be on the same page with the media component of your product. Usually a good analysis helps to avoid many mistakes that will prevent the audience from failing to interact with you and help to increase it. For quick and high-quality creation of social media aesthetics there are special tools with built-in templates. Help in the creating social media aesthetics is not superfluous, but sometimes the help of specialists is very expensive. To create a close aesthetic for your brand, there is a set of certain universal steps that will help newcomers and complement the structure of already experienced professionals. Create your brand's social media aesthetic, it will be much easier given the various factors.

  1. Research your brand.

To start with, it's important to figure out your content type, your product value, your core values that you want to broadcast through your social media. Your brand color palette will probably determine the look and feel of your social media accounts. Once you've completed this task, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Market and competitor research.

If you do what your competitors do, your account won't stand out and you won't be able to use the full potential of social media. What's important to the consumer right now is product uniqueness and new offerings. Every media product for a successful business vision must offer more than just unique content. The visual component should also attract and interest. 

  1. Inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration.

After figuring out what colors to use and what actions to take to attract the attention of potential customers, after analyzing the market and your product, brand, etc., start looking for ideas on how to put it all together. 

This process may not take you much time, now there are many ready-made templates to create an aesthetic style. You can also turn to special services to search for visual content. After comparison and sufficient visual intentionality it will be much easier to quickly and qualitatively make a choice in favor of a particular style.  

  1. Templates or creating an aesthetic style from scratch.

This is a very important decision. If you are just beginning your journey and even if you are not a beginner for a long time you need to decide on the approach to create visual aesthetics. Naturally you can start from scratch, after looking at different examples on special services. For this you will need additional knowledge of graphic editors and additional time to approve and create visual content. Templates - make it much easier and faster to create your social media aesthetic and help clearly answer the question - "How do you develop your social media aesthetic?"

If you decide to use templates, make sure the option you choose is consistent with your vision, competitive strategy and reflects the right emotion. Check the testimonials, store and social media of the authors to see if they have other products with good ratings and can be trusted. Also pay attention to the description of the templates you are going to buy, as they may not fit you in some way.

How to Create Aesthetic Social Media Content for Different Platforms?

Creating aesthetic content for social media is really challenging. Experts recommend that you always use auxiliary tools. There are apps and programs on the market right now that help improve the visual content of your social media. Such programs make life easier for your brand and yours. Help you save time and budget on your design team. Social media has strong potential when interacting with the consumer and greatly enhances the ability to experiment with brand style and visual aesthetics. 

One of the main trends of aesthetic for social media content is less perfection, more simplicity. Flawless pictures and clearly retouched photos are no longer as successful as they used to be. Too perfect a profile, too neat photos and pictures no longer attract users. Brand aesthetics are unique, though, and if your exact situation calls for a super glossy social media option and your audience will actively engage with just such a profile, the opposite can work for you. That's why social media templates have been developed to help a brand experiment and succeed with the consumer. 

Social media is still one of the cheapest yet lucrative opportunities for a brand to make a statement and support their product. Aesthetic content is the first thing that makes them incredibly appealing to consumers, and the small funding completely pays for itself with the ability to attract a large audience. 

You can create an account on these platforms for free and use the tools offered at no upfront cost. At the same time, use programs that are not too expensive to create visual content, choosing the options that work best for you. Variety gives you the opportunity to make your profile unique and interesting. So a small investment in the aesthetic vision of your brand on social media will pay off and create an attractive brand image for you. Creating unique, useful and catchy content, visuals, support and, of course, advertising campaigns requires a comprehensive approach and integrated solutions.

Social media and its competent use give very good results if you want to succeed in your niche. One of the main advantages of social media marketing compared to traditional channels, such as television or newspaper ads, is that you can work with a huge audience without problems. In fact, this is a huge open market, filled with both existing and potential customers. Of course, we can't forget that they also give you the opportunity to go international. The global reach of these platforms allows companies to effortlessly generate new customers from all over the world. This is an advantage that is hard to overcome. Social media also has the advantage of segmenting the age range of your audience, which makes it much easier to interact and pinpoint your audience. 

Your brand's aesthetic social media content needs to incorporate interactive interaction with your audience and the current agenda of today. You need to intelligently alternate between different types of content and try to keep your audience's interest piqued at all times. Follow fashion trends and incorporate them into your brand aesthetic.  Here also social networking templates can come to your aid and simplify your task. It is very convenient, you can create and control the response of the audience, to introduce new products and constantly experiment without losing a lot of time and money.

In terms of being able to advertise and promote your brand, social media is hard to "beat" because it allows you to reach a global audience and also provides free tools to work with. It's also a great way to find out what's going on in the marketplace. You don't have to go anywhere, you just regularly go to the social network and get the latest news, new trends and insights. That said, you have to be patient, consistent, and experienced to get the results you want.  If you want to become recognizable, you have to be present in at least one social network. Your customers will definitely subscribe to your business page to keep up with new products and get to know the brand aesthetic better. Also, people like open companies, the kind that communicate with their customers, show that the audience's opinion is taken into account. Brand aesthetics play an important role in this communication and help improve brand positioning and awareness.

Benefits of Creating Brands Social Media Aesthetics in Social Networks and Working With Them

The media sphere, social media has long been gaining momentum in today's world and is taking the lead among different brand promotion options. Just a few years ago, companies could only rely on the website to sell, generate leads, increase conversion rates and increase their brand awareness online. Today, in order to take full advantage of the digital sphere, it is necessary to explore its potential and study the market. Constantly find the trend and communicate with the consumer. 

For many years, one of the business tools most commonly used by entrepreneurs has been social media. Initially, they were simple, offered minimal features, and there were no special business software features. Since then, social media has changed dramatically. Now it's a powerful marketing tool, a platform where people not only communicate with each other, but also follow brands and get acquainted with different products and services. Social media for business is a platform where millions of potential customers sit. Of course, they won't all be customers, but it's quite realistic to select your target audience from them.

By creating an aesthetically pleasing, unique social media profile you have a number of benefits for your brand. The main benefits are:

  • Recognition;

  • Good conversion of your product;

  • Increase of potential clients, audience;

  • Possibility to enter the international market without global expenses;

  • Availability of different unique variants of visual content with the help of special programs;

  • Low costs at the initial stages;

  • Wide range of opportunities to engage your audience with the brand, monitor the response;

  • Be constantly up to date.

This is certainly not a complete list of benefits of working with your brand aesthetic on social media. The possibilities for promotion are endless, you just need to try to keep your audience engaged and constantly improve your profile. A little patience and practice and you'll see really amazing results.  

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