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Get instant access to 366 ready-made social media posts for Fitness Influencers. Now for $27 (normally $199).

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Why Succesful Social Media Presence  Is Worth Everything in 2020? 

  • You can generate endless cashflow and source of income around your personal brand

  • You can turn your passion to your dream job and do what you truly want to

  • You can work wherever you want and whenever you want

  • You will be heard, and you can influence the world with your voice and make an impact

Why Some Fitness Influencers  Succeed and 

Others Fail With Social Media?

Successful Influencer knows that...

  • have to post every single day to grow and get followers

  • should post engaging content that causes interaction and reactions

  •'s vital to have a good plan for the whole year to be able to post great content daily

  • ... you have to focus on your niche with interesting and fresh ideas

Others fail because of...

  • ...they are not able to post every single day

  • ...content they post is dull and empty, so nobody cares, and they waste time, and energy

  • ...they have no social media content plan and it's like starting over every single day

  • ...they don't focus on one theme, and they fail to find followers and respect algorithms

So What Made the Difference? 

A Proven Plan.

Read What Our Lovely Community 

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Here's What You’ll Get With the 

 Social Media Calendar 2020 for Fitness Influencers:

366 Social Media Post Ideas Planned For You

  • All your posts ideas for the next 12 months are now ready.

  • 366 interesting, engaging and inspiring social media posts to ensure your growth and success

  • Create a social feed that is unique to your Fitness Brand

50 Questions Posts That's "Already Done" To Increase Engagement

  • Already tested and PROVEN to work for engagement and interaction (must-have in social media 2020!)

  • Don't waste valuable time testing and guessing.. we researched over 10,000+ questions already! Here are the winners

20 Inspiring Fitness Tips To Share With Your Followers 

  • Free educational tips are one

  • Show that you are a professional with these easy "take into action" tips with beautiful design 

10 Funny Fitness Infographs, Quizzes And Tests For Superior Reach (followers will love these!)

  • These funny posts are bullet-proof to get great attention and tons of reactions

  • These are one of the best ways to grow your audience with organic reach and engagement

20 Fun Ready-Made "Would You Rather..?" Posts For Social Media To Increase Reactions And Shares

  • People react and engage most often with posts they find FUNNY

  • Our carefully chosen "Would You Rather?" posts encourage people to comment and share 

50 Beautiful and Inspirational Quotes About Fitness To Increase Reach And Engagement

  • Inspire, motivate and encourage your followers with these beautifully designed quote cards!

  • People will follow you, listen to you and respect you when you are the one who lifts them up daily!

Everything is covered for you: daily posts-ideas, 150 ready-made photos and content categories that respects the algorithm(inspiration, education, entertainment)... So STOP wasting your time and (and making mistakes?) and grab the deal of the day now!


"This calendar helped me so much. I love to use it for Instagram and Facebook. Almost all the questions I posted generated so many comments and engagement. I also took the quote bundle, which is superior! Thank you."

- Deborah, Norway

"I think this calendar is great for increasing engagement. First, I doubt that it would not suit my Personal training business, but now I understand this is adaptable to any business. Having all planned out for me is taking out a lot of the stress of staring at a blank page."

- Jordan, US


From Influencers to Influencers. Get instant access now. Today only for $27 (normally $199).

Excellent tool for Personal trainers, Gyms, Life Coaches, Sports Instructors, Crossfit, Athletes. Anyone Who Loves Fitness. 

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Hear what people really think about the Calendar:

"Thank you so much for your hard work. My life is much easier now when I have a solid plan to follow, and I can keep my focus on my passion. Plus, the additional tools are awesome kick-start for posting!"

- Chris, NZ

"When I saw the content laid out in this calendar, I realized I was doing it all wrong. No wonder people weren't engaged before. I was posting the wrong stuff! And too infrequently."

- Liz, CA

"This saves so much time. I never have any ideas, and now I have a whole year ready!! This calendar makes posting on social media super easy. It's funny that I got many more comments on my posts now than before."

- Eva, US

"This is a tool I wish I had earlier! I knew that social media is important for my Personal training business, but for too long, I have been struggling with it. Since I got this plan, I grew my followers by 300% in three months, and I can see the results in increased sales as well."

- Mark, UK


We understand the risk you are taking when purchasing a digital product. If for any reason you are 

not happy with the calendar, we will refund all your money within 30 days of your purchase. 


Who is this calendar for?

For anyone who works out in fitness and wellness. Our customers are mainly Personal trainers, gyms, Life Coaches, Sports Instructors, Crossfitters, and Athletes. This is perfect for you if love fitness. 

How much time is required?

Our customers schedule all posts during a weekend. Instead of scheduling you can spend 5 minutes a day to make a post. With a very little time you can create posts that get you REAL visibility, engagement, leads and sales.

How fast can I expect to see results to my business?

If you start posting daily TODAY, you can expect more reach, visibility, reactions, and engagement in 2-4 weeks. The beautiful part is that results grow exponentially in social media.

When do I get access to the Calendar?

You will get instant access after purchase. After placing an order, you will get links to materials to your email. 

What will I get when I buy the Social Media Calendar for Fitness Influencers?

You will get Google Sheets file with 366 post-ideas for the next 12 months AND 150 ready-made social media posts (photos). All the posts are categorized (promotional, connect with your followers, questions, quotes, personal topics, holidays, would you rather-questions, tips, etc.). Also, you will get bonus materials (photo cheat sheets, highlight covers, and e-guide)

What if I am not happy with the product?

No problem, we understand. You have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us an email, and we will refund your payment.