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Introducing: The Ultimate Social Media Toolbox

Social media marketing is the most reliable way to promote a brand or a business. Many big companies have managed to crack the algorithms of different social media by recruiting expert marketing teams. 

Unfortunately, that may not be a viable route for small or medium enterprises since it is a costly affair. In such cases, business owners attempt to promote their brands independently or by seeking the help of freelancers. 

The former may lead to extreme stress and hassle, piling onto the already never-ending list of tasks. On the other hand, the latter might prove to be expensive or the final products may not live up to your expectations, thanks to the huge influx of inexperienced freelancers in the market.

That is why we have created this ultimate social media toolbox for all your social marketing needs. We've designed them with your success in mind. You can increase your social media visibility, follower count, engagement, and sales by optimizing your posts. Businesses, influencers, and social media enthusiasts will love this tool!

Need for this comprehensive toolkit

Social media marketing cannot be left to chance. Each post includes multiple aspects that must be taken care of, such as design, content, hashtags, expectations of the target audience, analytics, and more. To handle all these, the experience of experts is crucial. 

Yet, not everyone can afford a marketing team, designers, and content writers to create perfect posts on social media. That is where the ultimate social media toolkit comes in. 

It includes six different products to create a holistic offering that aligns with the needs of social media marketing. These contents are easily editable and customizable on Canva, so business owners or their employees need to spend merely a few minutes to alter and post every day. 

Contents of the Toolbox

The first product in this toolbox is the 350 Ultimate Social Media Templates. Based on the business you are running, these templates can be edited and customized before posting them across your social media handles. 

With these templates you can almost publish one post per day, which will inevitably increase your follower count and engagement rate. Each of the templates is designed by an expert graphic designer to ensure that your handle looks completely professional.  

Secondly, this toolbox includes 50 Instagram Reel Covers. Today, Instagram reels are a widespread trend as the content is easy to consume, while also being entertaining. 

With these reel covers, you can effectively inform your audiences what the reel includes, to persuade them to check it out. The covers are designed by professionals to catch the eyes of your target audience. 

Another unique product that is included in this toolbox is 100 Instagram Highlight Covers. 

When a prospective client looks at an Instagram handle, thousands of questions may pop into their head. Or, they may want to learn more about you to decide if you are the right fit for their brand. 

Highlights is a great tool to use to convey useful information about yourself and with these highlight covers, you can plan this content carefully and put it up without spending too much time or effort. 

Instagram Live + IGTV Challenge is a useful product that is included in this toolbox to boost your engagement rate. When you host challenges, your audience will respond to your posts with likes, shares, comments, and tags, all of which will also boost your reach on the platform. 

This will help you connect with a bigger pool of target audience. With the right tools and posts, you can eventually convert them into paying clients. 

Planning and organizing is a crucial part of social media marketing and to simplify and accelerate this process, a social media calendar is thrown into the mix. This way, the frequency of your posts remains consistent and keeps your audiences hooked. 

Lastly, a Social Media Planner is also offered via this toolbox which is provided in an editable form for your convenience. You can conveniently jot down notes in this tool and make the process of marketing seamless and hassle-free. A few free bonus products are also a part of this ultimate social media toolbox. 


Small business owners who are constantly swamped with tasks will find this toolbox very useful. There is a wide selection of products to help businesses promote their products and services across multiple social media platforms without investing too much time, effort, or energy in them.

Here is the product, which you can check out, if it sounds like something you might be interested in: 

If you purchase this product, you will be able to download a file containing all the templates. Taking a small business to the next level doesn't have to mean breaking the bank on marketing staff.

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